(Last updated on August 4, 2022)

Next to hard data, the most valuable piece of decision-making information your business can possess is a clear understanding of where your organization fits in your competitive marketplace and on the digital landscape. 

Typically, acquiring this knowledge is a long and arduous process, especially on your own.

That's why we created a Discovery + Strategy Service for our clients who need that kind of partnership to grow their business.

Our expert team audits your digital presence to give your business the insights you need, quickly and objectively.

Curious about our Discovery + Strategy process, how it works, and what comes after that? Let's dive in. 

Why Discovery + Strategy with Growth?

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Growth understands that determining your business’s future requires research into the following in order to help you build a strategy to grow:

  • your industry
  • your competitors
  • your potential competitors, and
  • the marketing and sales tactics your competitors use.

From your website's performance to your content assets and social media accounts, no digital stone goes unturned in our dedicated, 6-week search for opportunities for growth, improvement, and strategy-building. 

Our research is fueled by premium agency tools, and our findings are delivered in a detailed, easy-to-read report that gives you hard data regarding how to best reach your marketing and business goals.

How Discovery + Strategy Works

When you’re constantly driving day-to-day operations, it's hard not to focus on one pain point. We get it. 

With a partner to view your business objectively (and reports to show you what we see) you can begin to develop the habit of linking that pain point to other areas of your marketing, sales, and operational performance. 

That's our superpower: a RevOps vision for your business. Macro vision. 

We work with you to find objective, expert answers to (deceptively) easy questions like:

  • What are your exact goals and metrics for success?
  • How do your current marketing assets help or hinder those goals?
  • Who is your ideal customer? How can you reach and nurture them online?
  • Are your sales and marketing teams working together to nurture leads?
  • Is your current online presence optimized for engagement and conversion?

Working as an extension of your business, our team digs into your answers and gives you data-driven insight and reports into the current state of your marketing, sales, and service (revenue operations) efforts. 

With this information, we can help define weaknesses and strengths, identify opportunities, and build a roadmap to what’s next.

A person leading a discovery and strategy session for three people on a marketing team with a quote from Growth Marketing Firm.

Discovery + Strategy's Main Services

At Growth, each member of our team is an expert in their field, and Discovery + Strategy is an opportunity to work with each of them 1:1 to get a well-rounded understanding of what your business needs to do even better to grow even further.

Over 6 weeks, Growth team-led workshops in the following areas allow our team to work with yours to help build your business, together. 

SEO Audit

The SEO portion of the Discovery Process uncovers trends, generates search landscape analysis, performs market opportunity assessments, and researches best practice keywords.

Website Audit

We perform a QA on every aspect of your current website and give you expert recommendations to improve your user experience, digital standing, performance, and more.

Marketing Audit

Growth's marketing team uncovers your most valuable content assets so you can begin to organize and align content pieces with your buyer’s journey, identify gaps, and recover lost opportunities.

Sales Process Audit

We review your sales process, uncover friction and opportunities, and make recommendations for software tools and processes to increase efficiency and sales.

Current Customer Interviews (NEW)

Our professional, friendly team uses an approved list of questions to interview your chosen top customers or clients to gain a keen understanding of how to find more like them.

Social Audit

Our marketing team analyzes your current social content strategy, community management, and how your competitors are engaging within your industry's ecosystem and makes recommendations for how to proceed with your social strategy.

SWOT Analysis

This report gives you data on internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats in order to develop a strategy and make the best use of your resources.

Competitive Analysis

Learn from your competitor's strengths and weaknesses and improve your own processes as a result.

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What Happens After the Discovery + Strategy Service?

Our Discovery + Strategy Service is the starting point for creating highly sustainable, long-term growth for your business. The good news is that the relationship we build together through this process can carry forward into all the other services that Growth offers.

If you like us and we like you, we can stand shoulder to shoulder with you to help you grow your business far into the future.

Take a look at some of the other ways Growth can help. 

  • HubSpot Onboarding + Optimization Services - Solutions for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. HubSpot offers tools to help you grow that scale right along with you. We're a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, and we know exactly how to set you up for success with this all-around full-service growth tool. 
  • Inbound Marketing Services - Attract customers by placing the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Our team identifies your north star customers and speaks to their specific needs with branded, inbound content that drives sales. 
  • Sales Enablement - Empower your sales reps with the up-to-the-minute technology, tools, and data to sell better. Spoiler Alert: It's all about HubSpot CRM. Let us set it up for you and show you how to use it to increase sales.
  • Branding + Design Services - If you're refreshing your existing brand or developing a new one, we've got you covered. 
  • Website Design + Development - Your 24/7 sales tool is built by Growth right here. Let your company shine with the right website design for your ideal customer.

Let us help you uncover your business’s full digital potential. Booking a meeting with our expert team. We're right here. 

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