(Last updated September 23, 2022)

Did we write this post for ourselves? Maybe. Do we think it can help you? Absolutely.

From time to time, the inspiration well runs dry. So today we're dropping content ideas to inspire you to keep creating helpful content that's engaging and relevant to the people you serve every day. In other words, use an inbound marketing strategy to fuel the flywheel of your business. Your future customers will thank you.

Pro Tip: To avoid overthinking, pick a number between 1 and 66. Then just write the corresponding topic below. We've even thrown in a few examples from our own content that were inspired by these prompts. Just follow the links to see how we did it. Have fun! 

1. Examine the latest trends within your industry.

2. Unpack a common misconception related to your product or industry.

3. Talk about a product feature.

4. Interview an industry expert.

5. Interview a customer who found success with your product or service.

6. Make a pros + cons list for your product.

7. Re-introduce your team.

8. Publish a year in review.

9. Write a tutorial.

10. Write a white paper.

11. Explore the latest statistics.

12. Share a round-up of content from other sources.

13. Tell the history of your business.

14. Tell the history of your industry.

15. FAQs

16. Product comparisons.

17. Highlight a member of your team.

18. Solve a common problem.

19. Put your spin on some recent industry news.

20. Make a prediction about your industry.

21. Report on a recent event.

22. Show how you give back.

23. Talk about a big win.

A happy woman writing in a notebook at a kitchen table.

24. Talk about a blunder.

25. Talk about your vision + mission.

26. Show your sense of humor.

27. Offer up a list of resources.

28. Write around a keyword.

29. Make a list of all the ways you serve your clients.

30. Share your solutions for an industry that could use them.

31. Write about how your brand came about (if you don’t have a brand, we've got you).

32. Tell a story about how a tool you use makes things work for your team.

33. Pick a favorite client to highlight.

34. Ask your sales team what they talk to clients about the most, and write about it for them to share in sales conversations.

35. 5 things you wish the world knew about your company.

36. Choose the social media platform you use the most & share best practices.

37. What’s changed about your job in the last five years that makes it easier?

38. Pick a quote that means something to your team. Tell that story.

39. How does your company make the world a better place? Share it.

40. If you could tell your clients one thing to help them, what would it be? Why?

41. Why is your business located where it is? What story does that tell?

42. Our company culture is…

43. If your company is remote or hybrid, how have you made that work for your business, your team, your clients?

A person writing with a pen in a journal on a table near a green window.

44. Let one of your team leaders write about what they do for your business, team, and/or clients.

45. Write a guide for a best practice from one section of your business (sales, marketing, customer experience, etc.).

46. What fun activities do you use to build your teams?

47. Offer something that clients normally pay for, for free. 

48. Take behind-the-scenes photos & share them (with permission, of course).

49. How do you decide how much your products/services cost? 

50. Sing the praises of a partner who’s helped you grow. 

51. The best decision we ever made as a company…

52. If our business was a plant, what would it be? Why? Choose a plant for each team in your company. Write the piece, and actually buy them one as a mascot.

53. If our business was an animal, what would it be? Why? Choose an animal for each team in your company. (Aw. No live mascots here). 

54. What’s the best advice your business could give its customers?

55. Best company merch ideas for clients and customers. 

56. Define a term used a lot in your business that your customers should know. 

57. Who or what does your company want to be when it grows up?

58. What makes your business different from your competitors?

59. Write a five-word sentence explaining what your business does for your customers. 

60. Who’s your North Star client or customer? Why? 

61. If your business had a resume…

62. Ask each of your team members to share their favorite recipe. Collect & share the recipe book (or eBook) with your social media followers. 

63. Gather favorite music & songs from your team members; create a playlist on Spotify, & share it with them (and clients!).

64. What one word defines your company’s mission? Write 50 sentences using that word in different ways. Share a sentence a day on social. 

65. What’s the most valuable thing your company gives its community?

66. TikTok. Need we say more?

At Growth, we believe in creating content every day that helps our clients, our visitors, our team, and our community.

And, for us, it’s about iteration: putting it out there whether it’s perfect or not and shifting it later if knowledge or skill that we didn’t have before becomes available. 

Using topics like these has a Nike spirit about it: just write it, create it, get it done because someone out there needs it—just like you may have needed to see just this very thing today. 

Remember: your content is meant to educate, engage, and delight. Just play! It’ll show. 

Like how we get things done? Hit us up! We’re here for it. 

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