Nothing can take the place of good ole human-to-human conversation to solve a problem and offer up a perfect solution. However, online customers need online solutions that, more and more, need to be NOW.

Growth founder, Chris Nault–who’s Drift-certified in conversational marketing–says: “Chatbots (or automation)—when done right like HubSpot does it—offer big benefits not just for the business that 'employs' them, but for their customers, too.” 

So what are those benefits that HubSpot chatbots offer, exactly? Read on! We’ve laid out the top 7. 

A graphic design of a robot at a table behind a mobile phone with a customer on the other side to represent the concept of chatbots.

1. 24/7/365 customer support

Chatbots improve your customer’s experience simply by being available to them literally all the time. It’s something that even the best customer service humans just can’t (and shouldn’t) do. 

Plus, they offer your customers an optional channel for getting in touch with your business exactly when they need assistance. This adds a level of convenience and accessibility that benefits everyone. 

Serious issues that arise when reps aren’t online can be handled immediately by a chatbot that can tell the customer exactly when they can expect to speak with an agent. 

Without chatbots, customers can be left feeling unsure, uneasy, and even frustrated.  

2. Lower wait times

Chatbots can lower the frustration that customers feel when they have to wait on hold (even with the best of music) or for a reply email from a support team–and that improves everyone’s experience. 

They can be easily programmed to respond within 5 seconds to a customer’s question–which is what customers now really appreciate. 

3. Simple questions = quick responses

Simple questions should be answered quickly, and if the only way your customers can ask one is to wait in long queues while support teams answer complex questions, chatbots create a simple solution.

They can assist multiple customers with simple questions, simultaneously. 

Customers who just need to know if you’re open can get the answer they need from a chatbot while you and your support team help customers who have questions that require a human. 

If the questions become too complicated, chatbots in HubSpot can transfer the question to an available agent. 

4. Better chatbots = better humans for customer service

A person holding a mobile phone with a chatbot on the screen with a quote from Growth Marketing Firm about the benefits of chatbots for customers.

When only the questions that need a human response are answered by humans (and the rest get handled by chatbots), the humans on your team can deliver even better service than before. And that’s a huge bonus for your customer’s overall experience. 

When your chatbots handle simple tasks, your customer service reps have the bandwidth to focus on time-sensitive or high-impact issues. 

5. Help to qualify leads

Chatbots can learn a lot about what conversations with people mean to your business–like, whether they’re qualified leads or interested prospects

With that knowledge, your sales team can speak to and address that person’s needs more specifically which makes a big difference to everyone involved.

6. Gather data that serves your customers

Through chatbot conversations that translate into data in your HubSpot CRM, you can learn exactly what you need to know in order to ensure your customers are successful and access it quickly to self-correct when something goes wrong.  

You can also use gathered data to update FAQ pages, instructions, and knowledge bases–or to train your chatbots to respond in the most helpful way possible so your customers face fewer issues with your business going forward.

You also gain valuable insight into your customer’s perception of your business overall which can help you update your brand to fit their needs. 

7. Make it personal

Chatbots add a personal touch to a customer’s experience by tailoring their responses to the conversation so that the customer receives the assistance with simple questions they really need. 

It can make great product suggestions based on customer queries, provide offers in relation to the buyer’s journey, and even help a customer find the best next source of action for what they need.  

In HubSpot, creating, controlling, and training your chatbots can all be done in your HubSpot CMS

Bonus: Build a bot in HubSpot

One of the greatest benefits of HubSpot is that its knowledge base is always available and easy to access when you need to know how to do something. 

Here’s an example of just how simple it is to add a new action for a more responsive, helpful chatbot in HubSpot. 

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Conversations > Chatflows.
  2. Hover over the bot you want to modify and click Edit, or click Create Chatflow to build a new bot.
  3. Click the plus icon + to add new actions to your bot.
  4. Select your action from the following list:
  • Send simple message
  • Ask a question
  • Offer email subscription
  • Set contact property value
  • Set company property value
  • Add to static list (Marketing Hub Starter, Legacy Basic, Professional, or Enterprise only)
  • Submit a ticket
  • Knowledge base lookup (Service Hub Professional and Enterprise only)
  • Send to a team member
  • Enroll in workflow (Professional or Enterprise only)
  • Trigger a webhook (Operations Hub Professional only)
  • Run a code snippet (Operations Hub Professional only)
  • Book a meeting
  • If/then branches

It’s that easy. But, then again, it IS HubSpot, and that’s just what they do. 

And, at Growth–as HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partners–HubSpot is a big part of what we do. Want to hear more about how you can improve your customer’s experience (and yours!) using HubSpot? Ask us! We know all about it.

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