Social media connections can become real leads, but it’s not the perfect space for hard sells right off the bat. Relationships have to be nurtured over time just like any other lead-generating activity, but it’s exceedingly difficult to keep up with social media conversations in order for them to evolve into real sales talk that converts. 

Enter: Social CRM. 

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What is a Social CRM

A social CRM is a software tool for Customer Relationship Management—specifically for social media interactions with prospects, clients, and customers. 

The best social CRM we’ve found to help us with all things RevOps (sales, marketing, customer service, and operations) is HubSpot, hands-down. So, let’s go into why you need a social CRM and what makes HubSpot’s social CRM feature so special. 

Why do you need a Social CRM

Integrating your social media activity into a CRM allows your RevOps teams to understand where all leads are coming from and how to best attract, engage, and delight them at every opportunity–including those from social media channels. 

When someone interacts with your brand or a member of your team on your official social media channels, you can gather the same insights you get from your website engagements, email clicks, and calendar bookings if you have a social CRM set up to capture that data. 

It generates reports, contact lists, notes, and notifications that help your teams decide how to adapt or stay the course with prospects and customers, assisting your revenue-generating teams to understand the buyer journey and how to better serve customers. 

HubSpot’s Social CRM

HubSpot features social media lead intelligence which automatically links with your official Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook/Instagram profiles. 

This helps your sales teams learn about the interests and pain points of your potential customers who engage with your company pages on those platforms–strengthening their reach and relationships with leads. 

Adding social media buttons can be difficult and time-consuming–often involving IT teams. In HubSpot, social media follow and share buttons automatically post and connect to most of your business’s marketing assets, making it easy for marketers to boost their audience, reach, and leads. 

HubSpot also generates automated “follow me” and blog sharing buttons like Retweet (RT) and Share-on-LinkedIn buttons to grow your business’s social media efforts.  

4 Big Ways HubSpot’s Social CRM makes a difference

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Better Social Marketing Insights  

Monitor and capture conversations about your brand and industry, making it easier for your marketing teams to align with market needs and perceptions. 

Faster Social Marketing Response 

Because your marketing team can interact directly inside HubSpot’s social media monitoring tool, they can quickly respond to comments on your social media channels. 

Powerful Social Campaign Monitoring 

HubSpot’s powerful analytics follows campaign traffic, leads, and sales on your social media channels, offering real-time insight into your marketing ROI. 

Beneficial Sales Insights 

Your sales team gets the benefit of insights into their prospect’s preferences and behaviors because HubSpot gives them easy access to your social media profiles and activity so that they can truly follow their leads. 

Final Thoughts on Social

Social media permeates all aspects of our lives, and small business owners and marketers are uniquely poised to leverage it to build new and lasting relationships. 

As companies fully adjust to the socially-driven business environment, these tools will become even more valuable. Becoming comfortable with how they work and how to use them for your specific business will only ensure that you’re always on top of it. 

HubSpot helps entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses with the tools and training to compete with larger, more established competitors. 

If you’d like to know more about how we leverage our social media activity better with HubSpot social CRM, ask us! We’re certified HubSpot evangelists, and we optimize everything HubSpot for businesses large and small.Learn about HubSpot Onboarding and Optimization Services with Growth