Right on time with the launch of our new Account-based Marketing services for our clients, Growth is thrilled to announce our newest partnership with RollWorks

This partnership will boost our efforts to bring next-level Account-based Marketing (ABM) services to our clients so their sales teams can build even more conversations with their North Star customers and clients to drive revenue for their businesses. 

A white speech bubble on a background that combines both brand colors with a quote from Mike Stocker, VP of Partnerships at RollWorks about their partnership with Growth Marketing Firm.

What Is RollWorks?

RollWorks is a platform that aligns the marketing and sales teams of account-focused B2B companies so they can grow revenue better. 

Our partnership with RollWorks allows mutual customers to engage with Growth on their platform as well as gain knowledge about how Growth + RollWorks works to broaden their ABM strategies

Why We Chose RollWorks?

RollWorks is our choice for three reasons:

  • value
  • data
  • targeted advertising 


The mission of RollWorks is to make ABM available to everyone, and we couldn't agree more.

They’ve developed a solution that focuses on accessibility & impact for companies of all sizes to meet a marketer that focuses on ABM wherever they are in their account-based journey (we think it should be us, but we might be biased). 

Account Data Foundation

From account scoring to ad bidding, RollWorks' machine learning and datasets (that comprise 18M companies and 320M contacts) discover the right accounts and decision-makers for targeted ABM outreach and engagement, and we're here for it. 

Best-in-Class Advertising 

RollWorks’ proprietary DSP allows it to reach over 90% of internet users across 2M+ advertiser websites.

It has the most comprehensive inventory coverage in the industry and a high account-to-domain/company match rate for superior targeting accuracy that ABM-focused businesses like ours (and that of our clients) need.  

Benefits of the RollWorks Partnership

Through the partnership, Growth gains access to an ABM expert to help drive broader market knowledge, thought leadership, and best practices which help us build inbound marketing and deepen our ABM sales strategies to serve our clients even better. 

Additionally, the partnership allows Growth to add to what we already offer, including recommendations for utilizing ABM in our marketing efforts and within our overall tech stack.

RollWorks + HubSpot

Everyone who knows Growth knows how much we love HubSpot. Turns out, RollWorks does, too (and vice versa). RollsWorks’ HubSpot integration has been downloaded 150% more than the nearest ABM competitor on the HubSpot App Marketplace. 

How does that work? Well, for all RollWorks and HubSpot plans, RollWorks ABM imports AND exports data between both platforms. 

Therefore, B2B companies of all sizes can use their own HubSpot data to leverage RollWorks' machine learning to target North Star accounts and advertise across channels for a top-of-the-line ABM machine. 

Teams can then sync performance, account contacts, and website data back into HubSpot to create custom reporting and workflows. It’s the perfect ABM system, and we love it. 

Why Join the RollWorks Partnership Program

RollWorks launched its agency partner program in late 2021 to establish a network of innovative, trusted, leading agency partners for RollWorks customers to access when they need it. 

The program combines the expertise of RollWorks with reputable agency partners to convert prospects into successful customers.

Curious about RollWorks + Growth, and how Account-based Marketing can boost revenue for your business? Talk to us. We’re always right here.

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