Recently, Growth founder Chris Nault sat down with Elena Iordache Stoica to share real talk about all things digital marketing, RevOps, and HubSpot on her Spotify podcast “Value-Driven Marketing.” 

And the back-end insights were off the charts: 

  • Why Growth shifted its focus to RevOps consulting and how that works.
  • How many inbound blog articles it really takes and why.
  • Why it's important to trust a firm before you hire them (and how you know), and more. 


Need a sneak peek? You got it.

Here are just a few choice quotes from Chris (hint: ever wonder what founders of booming businesses talk about?):

  • “It’s okay to push back in a client conversation about what you know will work for them as long as you’re clear and kind. Those things can exist in the same universe at the same time.” 

  • “One leggo piece isn’t going to fix [a client’s] entire system. Sometimes, your sales are low because you’re not doing things at any level of consistency.”

  • “If there’s something you’re doing that’s new, allow time for it to be absorbed in the world and for feedback to come in. There are too many variables that can be affecting your results. Wait. Be patient.”
  • “It’s best to share what you know and not to be afraid of giving up your ‘secret sauce.’ Even if you share all your knowledge with any point of contact at a company, they still wouldn’t have even the tip of what they need to get all the work of a campaign done.” 

  • “It’s really important to have a system where you’re capturing data because, as experts, metrics like website traffic and bounce rates can help us understand what’s not working so we can adjust.” 

Even with all that goodness, all the best parts are in the conversation itself. Give it a listen, (and tell ‘em Growth sent ya)! 

True experts love to share what they know with others who need that information. It's what we do at Growth.

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