(last updated August 22, 2022)

In the last week, over 500 new management jobs in RevOps have been posted on LinkedIn, and it’s no wonder. RevOps (short for Revenue Operations) represents the future of revenue building in business that leaves the status quo in the dust. 

That’s because RevOps is a data-sharing mindset that unifies your revenue-building triple threat:

  • marketing
  • sales
  • customer experience

RevOps teams that can create this approach for an organization are in high demand, so knowing exactly what RevOps is, how it works, and why it’s a big deal allows you to know whether you need a RevOps team for your own business. 

Hint: you do.

Cartoon concept showing revenue generation in sales, marketing, and customer service.

What is RevOps?

RevOps is a central team that works to consolidate the traditionally-siloed revenue-building operations of sales, marketing, and customer experience. 

It’s a team with vision that's driven to discover new ways to solve problems that hinder revenue growth

A RevOps team grows an organization by aligning your revenue trifecta through:

  • Data: KPIs are accessible to everyone responsible for revenue.
  • Tools: All revenue teams use the same tech stack.
  • Process: Implement consistent information sharing processes, company-wide. 
  • Strategy: Identify tools, actions, and behaviors needed to continue company growth.

The infrastructure built through RevOps has the ability to evolve a company into a revenue-generating machine that centers around your website when done right.

How Does It Work?

A RevOps team can see all aspects of an organization that are responsible for building revenue, head off any issues that exist, and make suggestions for real solutions. 

This SuperTeam nurtures communication between sales, marketing, and customer service and puts them on the same page with software they can all use so that they can speak together more efficiently and effectively and solve issues quickly. 

Why is RevOps Taking Off?

RevOps developed out of the shift from the sales funnel to the flywheel model—which changed due to customer behavior around brands that attract, engage, and DELIGHT their customers over the long haul with products and services that gather a true evangelist following. 

Growth Marketing Firm infographic showing the sales journey in the past and the revops concept for the sales journey now.

It’s the NOW and the future in business development that provides a comprehensive approach that customers love and hope for.

As well: 

  • Sales funnels have changed: There’s no longer a truly clean hand-off from marketing to sales to customer service. Now, all three teams are involved at every stage of the flywheel and must be aligned in order to secure and keep customers happy. 
  • Software tools have been developed that work seamlessly with all three teams, so there is now an opportunity for all three teams to work together.

What Does a RevOps Agency Do?

A RevOps agency like Growth can analyze your business from a revenue operations perspective and objectively report on: 

  • clunky IT systems 
  • closed lanes of communication 
  • blindspots in processes, and
  • opportunities in customer experience...  

...that create silos in your business. An agency like ours consults you about how to fix issues like these so your revenue-building teams work together seamlessly. 

From Will Davidson, Business Development Lead at Growth: 

“The goal of a RevOps agency—or, shall I say, a Growth-driven RevOps agency—is to prioritize department alignment & collaboration, pinpoint & diagnose revenue roadblocks, and provide solution(s) to those roadblocks, therefore opening the revenue floodgates."

Want to get in on this revolution in business? Talk to us. We’re revenue waiting to happen.

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