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So you’ve taken steps to ramp up your company’s sales by expanding your sales team, perhaps increasing their hours, and yet you’re not seeing the results.  You might have noticed that time is spent away from what’s most important, which is building new relationships, starting new conversations, and adding new deals to your sales pipeline.

There may be a simple reason for this which is…..lack of automation in the sales process. But what is automation you ask?

"Sales automation is the mechanization of manual, time-consuming sales tasks using software, artificial intelligence (AI), and other digital tools. It aims to manage or own responsibilities that sales reps and managers do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.” -Hubspot

Lucky for you, we’ve embraced sales automation here at Growth and have provided our top 3 benefits of utilizing automation into our sales process:


growth efficiency

Whether your team of 1 or 1,000, Hubspot’s Sales Automation allows you and your team to focus on what’s most important…….closing deals. Instead of manually responding to each inbound lead or sending every email in a prospect sequence, embrace the automated workflow and allow it to work its magic!

Allow you and your team the opportunity to focus on high-level tasks and responsibilities, not monotonous individual tasks and rest assured, you’ll reap the benefits very quickly.


growth communication

There’s nothing worse than seeing a deal fall through the cracks due to improper communication. I’ve been a victim of it before and now with utilizing automation, you better believe that if I’m losing a deal it’s going to be for a reason that other than communication

Another benefit of automated communication deals with those contacts that have been sitting in that database for weeks, months, even years! If a lead isn’t ready to make that purchasing decision at a certain time, that surely doesn’t mean that they’re not going to be ready in 3,6,9,12 months, but how do you best communicate with them without spending your entire day sending individual emails or calls…...automation. Have those people touched with a great resource utilizing an automated sequence and voila!!

Lead Prioritization

growth sales leads

Sales automation helps you prioritize your leads based on predefined filters – which allows you to spend that valuable time on the leads that have a higher probability of converting.

Those leads that are sitting in your pipeline/database with a lower conversion probability should be placed in an automated workflow while your priorities are geared towards hot leads!

Adapt, Adopt, and Automate

As someone that was a victim of a “lack of sales automation” in prior roles at different companies, I can say that my role productivity, organization, efficiency, and overall performance have increased exponentially with the addition of our sales enablement tools. Don’t go out there and hire 1,000 reps when automation can do the work for you with just a few core team members! One major point to remember is that if you decide to use sales automation software such as Hubspot, make sure that it’s onboarded properly! 

If you’d like to learn more about sales automation, feel free to book a meeting and I will be glad to show you the way!


Will Davidson

Business Development Lead