Prospects now have more access to information than ever, and they expect a seamless, cohesive experience with your brand from the first touch in marketing to purchase through sales and beyond. 

This shift in customer expectations calls for a revitalization of a more collaborative approach between your sales + marketing super teams, known as "smarketing" (sales + marketing).

Here, we’ll explore the transformative power of smarketing and how it can help your organization deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive growth.

Let's get into it. 

What is Smarketing?

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The term "smarketing," coined by HubSpot in the early 2000s, describes the alignment of sales and marketing teams through constant communication. 

This powerful concept encourages your revenue-generating (RevOps) teams to work together to: 

  • create shared and individual goals that enhance the customer experience
  • establish mutually agreed-upon service level agreements (SLAs) 
  • re-evaluate goals monthly
  • maintain transparency throughout the process

Why Smarketing? Why Now?

Traditional sales and marketing approaches are becoming less and less effective as the business landscape evolves. 

Modern sales and marketing teams now must work hand-in-hand to create customer-first experiences that address their pain points and meet them at various stages of the buyer's journey. 

To achieve this, organizations must foster growth-driven, data-driven collaboration between their sales and marketing teams that break down data silos and promote cross-functional alignment.

Smarketing in Action

To fully understand the transformative power of smarketing, let's delve into what the roles of sales and marketing teams look like when they apply a smarketing strategy to their processes:

A Smarketing Sales Team

The smarketing-based sales team's primary responsibility is to qualify prospects, build relationships, and provide solutions that address customer challenges. 

The real difference: They’re equally invested in the success of current as well as future customers and understand both their needs.

A Smarketing Marketing Team

The smarketing-based marketing team spends its time educating the market about your solutions and generates interest by resonating with your target audience. 

The real difference: They rely on an equal mix of human emotion and data analytics to spread brand awareness and convert leads into sales opportunities.

Smarketing as a strategy promotes collaboration, allowing both teams to work in tandem to create:

  • exceptional customer experiences
  • shorten buying cycles
  • drive revenue growth better as a cohesive team

The Benefits of Smarketing

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Embracing smarketing can yield numerous benefits for your organization, including:

1. Fewer unqualified leads

When sales and marketing teams are aligned, they can better identify and qualify leads, ensuring that the sales team focuses on high-potential prospects.

2. Higher sales win rates

With a more targeted approach like ABM, for instance, sales teams can close deals more effectively, leading to improved win rates.

3. Shorter buying cycles

Smarketing promotes a seamless customer journey, resulting in reduced friction and faster decision-making by prospects.

4. Easier deal closings

When sales and marketing teams collaborate, they can develop more compelling and personalized messages that resonate with buyers, making it easier to close deals.

5. Increased customer retention rates 

Smarketing fosters strong relationships with customers, leading to higher satisfaction and retention rates.

6. Faster revenue growth

As a result of these benefits, organizations can enjoy accelerated revenue growth and overall business success.

By aligning sales and marketing teams, organizations can create exceptional customer experiences, drive growth, and stay ahead of the competition. 

By embracing smarketing best practices and strategies, your organization can foster a culture of collaboration and transparency that benefits both your teams and your customers.

Best Tool to Easily Implement Smarketing

HubSpot. Bar none. 

Why? Because it’s an organization-wide tool that supplies both teams with: 

Here's a statistic worth getting excited over:

Two superheroes side by side  representing sales and marketing against a dark green background with a power speech bubble with the words "Growth Smarketing" inside).

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