(last updated September 9, 2022)

“Everything is a CRM these days. What makes yours different?”

Traditionally, CRM has been associated with sales software, but, at HubSpot, your Customer Relationship Management is a single source of truth that empowers your team to build engaging relationships and provide a best-in-class experience to your customers.

While it marries marketing and sales—or what we like to call smarketing—when you choose the right CRM for your business, you gain access to the many benefits from this software.

By the end of this, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision when determining whether the HubSpot CRM is right for your business. 

Let’s dive in.

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Why Go HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM is one of the leading solutions in today’s market that is ideal for any growing business.

HubSpot facilitates better customer relationships and puts your customer at the center of experience management because it makes communication seamless and efficient.

HubSpot CRM offers a visual dashboard to help you work smarter (not harder) with features like: 

So what can the HubSpot CRM do for you and your company? Let's get into the top 5. 

1. Maintain a Centralized Database for RevOps Teams

You want technology that makes your teams more efficient but doesn't get in their way.

When your business looks after multiple accounts, making your CRM the central hub for your RevOps teams to view customer data will give them a holistic picture of customers and will increase your customers’ lifetime value because your teams know exactly what those customers need exactly when they need it. 

Being able to track every detail of your relationships in the same tool will not only increase productivity within your teams but will make a huge difference in growth.

2. Scale Your Sales Process + Pipeline

A repeatable sales process is the key to keeping sales in motion. Doing so gives you the ability to plan strategically and make data-driven decisions.

If you’re a sales leader looking to get full visibility into your sales pipeline, HubSpot delivers easy-to-read, detailed reports on sales activity and individual performance that allows you to automate projections and adjust pipeline estimates as necessary. 

On the other hand, if you’re a sales representative looking to keep track of your own goals and quotas, HubSpot CRM automatically tracks your calls, emails, meetings, and notes so you never miss an important deadline.

3. Integrate With HubSpot Marketing Hub

Who says a CRM is just for sales?

When your marketing and sales team are in alignment, that’s when they perform the best.

By natively connecting with the HubSpot marketing tools, you are able to create and host engaging content that helps you grow and nurture your leads.

This can be done through:

Tools like these make it easier to know which area your visitors are converting to.

4. Organize and Track Customer Communications

One of the primary reasons many businesses decide to adopt a CRM is to keep better track of customer and prospect engagement.

To alleviate the pain of potential customers slipping through the cracks, HubSpot CRM automatically logs calls and emails directly from the platform and posts them in a timeline view on a contact's page.

Besides that, Outlook and Gmail extensions enable you to track when every time an email is opened and clicked on so you can see the who, what, when, and how of prospect interactions. 

5. Customize and Update in Real-Time

Now, who wouldn’t appreciate having a CRM with unlimited customization?

HubSpot CRM allows you to customize it for your business and integrate it with as many apps as you may need. Not to mention you can manage as many as 1M contacts and keep track of them as long as you need to.

Ready to Implement HubSpot CRM?

Business growth is an excellent thing and it comes through organizing your information properly. That’s where HubSpot CRM comes into play.

As the foundation of your business, HubSpot does a great job at helping your team save precious time by giving you access to a single source of truth. By taking care of even the smallest details like logging emails, managing your data, and tracking your sales performance. Book a meeting with our team to see it in action!

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