How To Run The Best Webinar You've Ever Run

Webinars have become a staple in digital marketing and educational arenas, offering a dynamic way to engage audiences, impart knowledge, and generate leads. However, not all webinars hit the mark. In this blog, we explore effective webinar formats, useful tools, and innovative promotional strategies which were covered by our special guest, Ollie Whitfield, so that you can elevate your webinar from average to exceptional.


exploring effective webinar formats

A good webinar format not only captures but also retains the audience's attention. Here are some formats that have shown success:

  • Three Points of View: This format involves three speakers offering distinct perspectives on a single topic, akin to a panel but with structured turns.
  • The Battle: Engage two experts in a friendly debate on a controversial topic, offering a lively discussion that keeps the audience engaged.
  • The Big Shot: Invite a high-profile guest to draw crowds and add credibility to your event.
  • The Ridiculous: Use a unique or extreme approach to discuss common challenges or solutions, providing unexpected insights.
  • 10X Bigger: Aim for a large-scale webinar that discusses broad and impactful topics, ideal for year-end reviews or significant industry updates.

choosing the right tools

Selecting the right tools can make the difference between a smooth, professional presentation and a technical disaster:

  • For Live Interactions: Zoom and WebEx remain popular for their reliability and ease of use.
  • For High Production Value: Tools like ON24 and Livestorm offer advanced features for a more polished webinar experience.
  • Recording and Editing: Riverside FM and Boomcast allow for high-quality recording and post-production, perfect for pre-recorded webinars.

promotion strategies that work

Effective promotion is key to ensuring a successful webinar. Here are a few strategies that were discussed in the webinar:

  • Leverage Multiple Channels: Utilize various platforms to promote your webinar, including social media, email newsletters, and your website.
  • Engage with Co-Speakers: If you're featuring guest speakers, encourage them to promote the event to their audiences as well, multiplying your reach.
  • Pre-Event Teasers: Share snippets or teasers of what to expect in the webinar to build curiosity and increase registrations.
  • Post-Event Engagement: After the webinar, keep the conversation going by sharing highlights, additional resources, or a recording of the event to maintain engagement and nurture leads.

conclusion: the strategic advantage of ABM

By adopting innovative formats, utilizing the right tools, and employing effective promotional tactics, you can significantly enhance the impact of your webinars. These strategies not only improve engagement rates but also ensure that your audience gains valuable insights, making your webinar a not-to-miss event. 

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