Remember what it was like when the teacher assigned a group project and no one knew how to lead it, what to do, or how to do it? Ashley would have been the one you were super relieved to see sitting across from you and on your team—not because she would do it FOR you, but because she would help you get it done in a way that helped you grow as a person.  

Ashley not only thrives on achievement, learning, and competition, she also leads with compassion, assigns tasks to her team based on our specific skills and talents, and sets boundaries that model empathy for others and for herself. 

She’s that team member. She embodies the growth mindset beautifully, and we’re proud of her every day.

Ashley’s Growth Mindset

Ashley leading a marketing team meeting in the Growth headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

As the accounts manager at Growth, Ashley's love for teamwork and service to others is embedded in everything she does. She is the bridge between our clients and our team, and we can think of no one better to serve in this role. 

Our clients love her as much as we do because her smile, like her talent, lights up a room, and she’s vastly knowledgeable about everything we do and every big way we help—from social media to digital marketing strategies to everything HubSpot and beyond. 

The rest of us work really hard to keep up with her HubSpot Academy certifications, but she just keeps owning us all and sharing what she’s learned with humor and grace.

She’s a Supercollaborator.

Infographic with tips from Ashley for clients of Growth Marketing Firm

Sporting a BA in advertising, public relations and digital media from the University of Central Florida, Ashley has always known she wanted to help businesses grow into their best selves, and she came by that honestly: the support she receives from her mom and her older brother taught her that there’s nothing people can’t do when there’s true and unconditional love and support. 

“I don’t think I would have gone to college without my mom and my brother and the way they so beautifully modeled success through hardship for me. They’ve been through a lot, but they persevere and thrive, always. And I know that if I needed anything at all, they would drop everything for me. I’m the person I am because of them.”  

...and a Powerhouse. 

Ashley and Will Davidson celebrating Growth Marketing Firm’s designation as a Hubspot Platinum Partner at headquarters, Orlando, Florida.

Right out of college, Ashley joined the Orlando Magic’s marketing and tourism team and honed the knowledge and skills she needed to contribute in such a massive way at Growth.

But, Ashley creates value at Growth by just being Ashley. She builds trust among our team as much as for our clients because of her open, honest spirit and her willingness to listen and act decisively with empathy. 

Ashley is creative, whip-smart, and organized, so it’s no surprise that when she joined Chris at Growth in October of 2019, she rose quickly from social media strategist to Growth’s first account manager in the early summer of 2020.

What Ashley Loves About Growth

To Ashley, the most important aspect of a business is its culture which is why she loves Growth.

“It’s important that I’m able to trust my boss and my team. When I saw friends losing jobs during the pandemic, Chris showed me that I could trust him because he was open and vulnerable with the whole team about where the business stood. He addressed our fears specifically with complete transparency, and we were able to work every day without stress about our jobs. When he did that, I was like: ‘okay. We’re on! Let’s get this.’”


Ashley listening to remote co-workers in San Francisco from the Growth headquarters in Orlando with Will Davidson.

Company culture as it presents itself through diversity and inclusion is another biggie.

“At every other job I’ve ever had, I always felt like I had to wear my hair back and put on a suit to be taken seriously. When I can wear my hair natural and put on colorful prints, I feel most myself, and that shows in my work. I’m more confident and outspoken. We can all be ourselves at Growth, and that’s important to me.” 

Ashley inspires us with her professionalism, her enthusiastic support for each one of us, and her immense talent for marketing, design, organization, and communication (and knowing a lot about just about everything). 

She’s a powerhouse, and a big reason why we’re all so proud to call Growth the home for our talent and service to our clients. 

Talk with more than just a human: talk with ASHLEY! Contact us at Growth for inbound marketing, software automation services, and RevOps consulting. We’ve got you!

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