If you’re a brand new HubSpot user or shopping for the best CRM to help you grow your manufacturing business, Growth is here to share what we know about getting the most out of your ROI with HubSpot

For starters, HubSpot offers a suite of tools to increase efficiency, transparency, and revenue. Its core hubs include:

  • Service Hub  - automation, tools, technical support, implementation, and strategic guidance to better serve your customers. 
  • HubSpot CRM - get full visibility into your sales pipeline in real time and manage your database of contacts, companies, and deals. 

An aerial view of a large manufacturing plant.

HubSpot knows that manufacturing always feels like a big business because there are literally a ton of moving parts that have to be juggled to keep it running and thriving.

Because of the way HubSpot was built, there’s no other CRM platform that juggles those parts better–especially for the price

HubSpot is built from the ground up and out, and that means that all of its interlinking hubs for sales, marketing, customer service, and operations work together seamlessly so that nothing falls between the cracks. 

It’s famous for its intuitive platform that anyone can learn and use (so teams actually use it), and it scales as you scale so that you only have the exact tools you need when you need them. 

A Bit About the Inbound Strategy

Whether you’re manufacturing for store-fronts, other companies, or distributors, you need a way to attract people, build trust, and nurture relationships. The inbound marketing strategy is the leanest way to do just that—and no one does inbound better than HubSpot. 

A happy customer shakes hands with workers while on a factory tour.

HubSpot’s platform combines all the tools manufacturers need to boost their lead flow, establish trust with prospects, and access data to track growth with easy-to-use (and customize) reports.

First in Search is Everything

When your customers are looking for a manufacturer, you want them to see your business before they see your competitor. Always. 

Creating content that solves issues that your specific customers have is the exact way to do that.

HubSpot’s drag and drop Content Management System (CMS), makes building and maintaining your website and digital assets a cinch. 

That way, you can focus on what you do best. 

Nurture with Automations

Building trust is done through nurturing leads well, but that can take a lot of time.

Instead, you can use HubSpot’s easy automation tools to allow your sales teams to follow up instantly without sacrificing personalization. 

For instance, communicating quickly after trade shows or after a prospect downloads a product sheet or whitepaper is critical. That’s what HubSpot does best. 

Track All Engagement

Keeping track of every prospect's touch-point with your business is a full-time job in itself. 

HubSpot keeps a record of all the data that’s most important to your specific business, so you don’t have to–and keeps it all in safe, easy-to-understand reports that you and your team can access when you need to make the best data-driven decisions

Simple Up-Sell/Cross-sell Assistance

Up- or cross-sell new products or SKUs to your current customers or distribution base using: 

  • segmented lists by SKU, distributor, or customer
  • trigger-based emails
  • seamless CRM integrations
  • and more. 

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