(Last updated September 30, 2022)

If you’ve ever wondered if your larger business needs a custom CRM, it does. And HubSpot is still your go-to. 

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Enterprise has more powerful features for businesses with over 50 employees who need a diverse toolbox—and they deliver the same ease-of-use HubSpot clients have known and loved all this time. Here’s a look into the Enterprise Hub and its features. 

Clean, Simple Marketing Software for Growing Teams

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Looking for an easy tool to do complex things to keep up with your creative team? Is your team growing so fast that you need software that’s going to scale with you?

Marketing Hub Enterprise is the swiss army knife you’ve been searching for. Just look at these features: 

Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Revenue Attribution

Every customer interaction is either revenue or it’s not, and connecting the two is the key to making strategic business decisions that are data-based and connected to the growth of your team. 

Bonus: HubSpot is built for humans. Real-time reports are easy to read, customize, and understand. 

Team-Based Data and Marketing Asset Access

When you have a lot of people working together to grow your business, you need data and asset organization.

The best way to get it? A clean database that delivers the right data to the right team at the right time to avoid data silos that can slow everyone down. Assign all your marketing assets by team so everyone has access to the right content.

One Sign-On to Rule Them All: SSO

Simple fact: HubSpot makes everything easy. HubSpot Enterprise offers single sign-on for all the people who use your HubSpot account.

That means:

  • maximum security for your data 
  • ultimate control over who has access  
  • a better login experience for your entire team

Enterprise supports SSO providers that use SAML 2.0, including Okta, Microsoft Azure, and OneLogin.

Too Much Email? Safeguard It.

Is your team sending too much email?

Your customers will definitely be the first ones to tell you. HubSpot allows you to protect your contacts from email overload, and cap the maximum number of emails a contact can receive from you in a specific, customizable time frame.

Add Multiple Domains for Asset Consistency (Add-On)

It’s never been easier to manage multiple brands or product lines.

Marketing Hub Enterprise allows you to easily host and maintain multiple domains by folding them all into one account where you can view analytics for all your domains in one place.

You can also limit domain publishing to specific teams to maintain consistency across your assets. 

Clean, Simple Marketing Software for a Growing Business

From one-step Salesforce integration to real-time A/B testing, Marketing Hub Enterprise has everything a big business needs to get bigger. 

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Got Salesforce? No Problem: Advanced Salesforce Integration

HubSpot is just easier, more comprehensive, and its innovation is taking over the industry.

Ready to switch? It’s easy to do when you deal with a company (HubSpot) that imagined you'd one day want to. 

Level up your Salesforce and HubSpot data sync.

Draft additional Salesforce objects to HubSpot custom objects, and sync data one way from Salesforce into HubSpot.

If you want a side-by-side comparison of price and features between the two, check out our HubSpot v. Salesforce article

The Yoga of CRMs: Flexible Scoring Properties

Design multiple, rules-based scoring criteria for any data point in your HubSpot account to itemize and typify your sales and marketing outreach. 

Qualify contacts with the kind of ease, flexibility, and sophistication that you would expect from HubSpot. Use your scores to segment lists, trigger automation, and more.

Quick, Easy Testing Tools

Remember when you had to manually set up tests and measure engagement over time? Not anymore. Advanced machine learning is constantly running in the background of your digital assets to make sure they’re optimized for conversion and sales.

Check on the generated reports in real-time, anytime. 

Non-traditional Business? Get Custom Objects

Capture data in HubSpot that's unique to your business with custom objects.

With this feature, you can create new segments and build customized reports, campaigns, and workflows that make the most of your CRM property and contact data in HubSpot.

You can also gather data that are specific to your business like product usage and inventory.

Smarter, Not Harder: Custom Behavioral Events

Bring personalization to your campaigns with Custom Behavioral Events that target customers based on brand interaction. Segment by—and report on—any custom touchpoint in your app or website.

Scaling Business = Scaling CRM

Limits around workflows, lists, and more are now doubled with Enterprise. You can now create up to:

  • 500 custom reports
  • 50 custom dashboards
  • 1,000 workflows
  • 300 teams, and more.

You also gain the flexibility to increase limits as your team grows.

Account-Based Marketing Tools? Yes, please. 

Your ABM strategy jumpstarts in minutes, not months, with Enterprise.

It includes all the tools you need:

  • company scoring
  • properties
  • templates, and
  • out-of-the-box reports.


HubSpot is always delightful, but an enterprising business "on the grow" needs Marketing Hub Enterprise to make things like organizational scale, reporting, and account-based marketing delightfully easy and supportive.

Best of all, it grows with you, so that it’s the last CRM you’ll ever have to consider. 

Considering it? We’re HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partners, and we do more than recommend it; we help you optimize it, too. Let us talk you through it. Book a meeting with our team. 

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