One of the benefits of being a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner is that we get an early look at what’s next so we can share it with our favorite people: you. 

Ready for this? Here goes. 

Sales Hub and Service Hub Pro are getting THREE big value features that were originally created for Sales and Service Enterprise-level clients:

What does that mean for me? 

If you’ve got HubSpot’s free version, upgrading to Sales or Service Pro nets you these key features so that your team is leveling up at a rate that looks like ENTERPRISE. 

If you’ve already got Pro, grab your team and celebrate because you’re about to get some cool new tools. Buckle up, HubFans!A vector graphic concept of six people in business casual dress standing together holding stars with the HubSpot sprocket logo inside. What’s a Playbook?

It’s like one big Snippet for all your sales and service enablement content. Playbook puts all your helpful information right there in the CRM so your teams can share it with your customers to seal a deal or serve your existing customers.

Playbooks allow your sales team to have easy access to everything from product sheets to pricing guidelines so that information is consistent, up to date, and relevant to specific questions your leads and customers ask to realize without a doubt that you’re the right choice. 

For instance!

We have a huge library of resources in our blog, and there’s so much of it that it can be hard sometimes for our sales and service teams to find exactly what they’re looking for exactly when they need it.

When our sales team (who lives in our Sales Hub because, yeah! It’s awesome) gets a question from a lead or prospect, they can quickly search for that specific content in our Playbook and drop it straight into the conversation so that leads get the exact information they need at exactly the right time. 

Besides helping our ideal customers with what we know, driving traffic to our website, and establishing us as a thought leader in our industry, it’s the best use of inbound content

Hiring new people? 

Product knowledge no longer has to be gained over time. New sales and service reps can find instant mentorship, coaching, and insights they need to close deals and delight customers like the pros they really are. 

It’s like a HubSpot Academy for your own business. 

How do you know your Playbooks are working? 

Your reporting dashboard shows which assets in your Playbook reps use the most so you can make data-driven decisions about what kind of content they need more of. 

If you need help creating content about (or for) your business, guess what! #wehaveablogforthat

We also DO that. Let’s talk about it.

Inbound Calling?! You don’t say!

Inbound Calling is not just for HubSpot Enterprise clients anymore. 

Now, HubSpot Sales + Service Pro customers can receive incoming calls from contacts at their business number, which you can get within HubSpot. 

With Inbound Calling, Pro customers can:  

  • Get a new phone number within HubSpot
  • Place outbound calls from within the CRM and inbox with HubSpot numbers  
  • Forward inbound calls to a personal device 
  • Use all inbound/outbound call records, recordings, and transcriptions in the CRM.

For our international clients: The US, UK, and Canada will be able to receive numbers first, but HubSpot users living in any country can use those numbers for inbound and outbound calling. If you want a number from another country, just wait. The HubSpot team is working on that. 

Pricing & Packaging Changes On May 2, 2022

HubSpot is shifting the price of HubSpot Calling! Calling minutes used to be available on a per-user basis only, and it wasn’t required to have a paid Sales or Service Hub seat to use them. 

Feedback to HubSpot from customers indicated overwhelmingly that they wanted more control over how those minutes got distributed within their organizations. 

As of May 2, 2022, minutes are shared across your entire HubSpot account to give customers with Sales + Service Pro seats the flexibility they asked for. 

Thanks for listening, HubSpot! 

Here are the new account-wide minute limits and amount of phone numbers granted by tier:

  • Sales or Service Hub Starter: 500 minutes per month and 1 HubSpot-provided phone number. 
  • Sales or Service Hub Professional: 3,000 minutes per month and 3 HubSpot phone numbers. 
  • Sales or Service Hub Enterprise: 12,000 minutes per month and 5 HubSpot phone numbers. 

Also, as of May 2, 2022, customers can receive calls on their personal devices and use some aspects of Conversation Intelligence alongside those calls!

What does that mean, you ask? Read on. It’s a big deal. 

Smart Transcription + Coaching w/ Conversation Intelligence

A team of analysts listen to one member talk about the data their pointing to on a sheet of paper with a list of HubSpot applications provided by Growth Marketing Firm.

If you’ve ever wished you had a notetaker who could take down every word you say in meetings and calls so you never forget what you promised a customer or lead—or so you could coach your teams (or yourself) to provide better sales or service engagement, your day has come. 

HubSpot has positioned itself to take advantage of conversational intelligence programs that can transcribe human conversations so that all information from those conversations can go directly into your HubSpot CRM. 

And they’re now making it available to Sales + Service Hub Pro customers. 

Applications include: 

  • Coaching opportunities at scale
  • Sales + Service rep training
  • Transparency
  • Record-keeping 
  • Data
  • Accountability for promises made in meetings or calls. 

Instant data in your HubSpot CRM

All the relevant data you need from calls and meetings goes straight into the CRM—saving your team time. 

Instead of reps entering properties after a meeting or call, a customer or lead can toggle “record call/meeting” and all data will be linked to your records in the correct format and field. 

Coaching with data 

When data from calls are in your CRM, reps can reference and analyze exactly what happened in calls or meetings without relying on notes or memory. 

The implications for coaching and learning (having a growth mindset!) are massive. 

Sales and service representatives can go over their best calls with their managers, and entire teams now have the data they need to review, learn, and coach each other toward the specific tactics that work and make a difference in your business. 

Analytics & Insights 

When data is this accessible in the CRM, you can use it to gain real insight into your entire business’s processes. Insights like these provide real value at every level of the organization because data in HubSpot resists silos

Got HubSpot Sales + Service Pro?

If not, now’s the time to do it.

Not only do you get an exceptional product that serves every member of your organization, but you also get one that makes working with your business a dream—which spins that flywheel in the right direction for growth. 

Growth onboards and serves our customers with HubSpot all day, every day, and our team of HubSpot-certified experts uses these same tools to serve YOU better, too. 

Want a piece of this? Ask us how we do it, and get some HubSpot for your business.

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