Thirty years ago, psychologist and Stanford University professor, Dr. Carol Dweck coined the term “growth mindset” to illustrate how people who believe they can become smarter through effort actually do just that. 

Since then, her theory has been put to the test and shown to be the truth of the matter: our brains DO grow when we realize that challenges are opportunities and failure is a beginning of learning, not the end of the story. 

At Growth, the growth mindset is one of the pillars of our company culture and is infused into everything we do.  

It’s even built into our brand: the redwood forest. In a forest, all things depend on everything else if it’s all going to thrive and grow over the long term. 

A man taking a photograph of the forest with a smartphone.

Eagerness to Learn 

Accepting challenges as opportunities and focusing on diversity, curiosity, nurturing, ownership, accountability, and transparency builds trust and grows a strong business through the consistently positive client and team experience that this mindset creates.

That’s what we dedicate ourselves to do every day at Growth. 

At Growth, we: 
  • View challenges as opportunities - a fixed mindset tells us that mistakes indicate limits. A growth mindset allows us to see that “failures” reveal that there’s MORE to be learned. We see that as exciting, not frightening. This creates a fearlessness that leads to authenticity and GROWTH.  
  • Seek out feedback and act on it - Part of belonging to a trusted team is being able to ask for truth and know you’re going to receive constructive criticism that helps you move forward. The other part is knowing that when you give feedback, there will be positive change. It’s a balance that we strike like a bell at Growth. 
  • Communicate and collaborate openly and often - Growing toward the sun involves working together, and you can’t do that if you don’t share what you know, how you know it, when things will happen, who will get them done, and why. Team members that are aligned through mutual respect can do this with great humor, ease, and fun. That’s how we like to do it. 
  • Nurture everything we do - We show great care and attention to every detail of our work as well as to the big picture of our business because all of it is interconnected. We use every ounce of talent, skill, and knowledge we possess to serve—each to each, other to other. 

Two people nurturing a small corn plant in wet soil with their hands.

  • Take ownership of our work - Each one of us helps the others pull this team toward serving clients in the best way possible. That means that each detail of our work serves the whole of this business, no matter what that work may be. 
  • Keep each other and ourselves accountable - When all of these parts work together, mutual trust grows from it—the kind of trust that allows us to hold each other accountable for what we do individually. We see each other as equals: all of us equally skilled, talented, and knowledgeable to contribute in big ways to growth. 
  • Stay curious: learn new things - through HubSpot Academy, industry webinars,  and continuing to constantly educate ourselves about emerging trends, we stay up-to-the-minute on technology, customer service, and sales enablement techniques that serve the ever-changing needs of our clients. We also become better people. Bonus!
  • Resist what is easy - We grow, even—and perhaps especially—when the path is hard. The more difficult path doesn’t mean it’s grueling—especially when you're in good company like we are. A difficult path often just means it’s the right path. Easy trails don’t grow strong muscles, right? 

Do these values resonate with you? Then you, too, have a growth mindset. Let’s Grow, together!