Growth is 5 this month, and nothing says "5" like a big high one to our team, our new service, and (especially!) our clients who are all getting something special for our birthday this year. 

The Growth team in a remote meeting celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the founding of the firm.

But first, let's take a look at where we are and where we're going. 

Growth: Present + Future

Wide doors have opened for Growth, and we’re stepping through with toothy grins. 

Why? Because we have the right team, the right tools, and the right partners to do exactly what we do best: grow businesses better. 

And we have the accolades to prove it.

This year, we won 2 Clutch Awards, an excellence award from UpCity, joined the Advisory Board for GrowFL, and we’re primed to become one of the smallest firms to reach HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partnership status! 

We like to make clients happy because we’re complex problem solvers with a passion for serving our clients, and they like to tell others about it.  

Delivering Conversations (banner)

The Right Team

Every person on the Growth team is an expert at what they do, but, in their own right, they’re also:

  • Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Visionaries
  • Strategists
  • Doers 

We look out for each other, offer help when we see it's needed, and take ownership of our work because it all fits together in service to our clients.

And that's our passion. 

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The Right Tools

Over time, we’ve found the tools we needed to grow, and we've become experts at putting them to use to support the growth of our clients and ourselves.

Over time, we've found some tools we love, and we love this tech stack. It helps us communicate, collaborate, share data across teams, and stand as a single source of truth to support our ROI:

Half the work is knowing what tool to grab at any given moment to solve the problem, and that’s our superpower. Well, one of them. 

Chris + Katrina + HubSpot founder Brian at Inbound 22 in Boston.

The Right Partners

One of the best things you can do as a person is also one of the best things you can do for your business: surround yourself with good people who support you.

Our partnerships have created a sense of community and confidence that have helped us level up over the last year:

  • HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner
  • Google Partner
  • Meta Business Partner
  • RollWorks

New Services: Account-based Marketing

Do you have a dream client you would give anything to work with? Turns out, most businesses do. 

The key is creating those conversations is to laser-focus on precisely those North Star prospects, and Growth has the team, tools, and partnerships to do that for our clients now with the launch of our Account-Based Marketing Services

Now Growth is working smarter than ever for our clients. 

Growth Founder Chris Nault (front) with clients from First Financial and Nexxo Fleet in the Growth HQ in Orlando, Florida.

Upcoming Growth Retreat

Part of our birthday celebration is to get our remote team together around the campfire in Monterey, CA for a real (re)treat. 

It’s our time to get to know each other again after a year spread out across the country, and to eat, hike, explore the outdoors, relax, and set our minds toward the path ahead of us at Growth. 

Look out 2023 and beyond, world!

Happy Growth Birthday to Our Clients

So, even though it’s our birthday, we’re giving each of our clients something we value almost as much as them: our time, energy, and whip-smart work (for free!)

In the month of October, our current clients can choose one of the following: 

  • An 800-word blog article for their website
  • One Growth point
  • A free audit (we have 9 different ones to choose from)

Beloved clients? Oh, you bet they are! If you're one of them, claim your Growth birthday present right this minute. Growth Birthday Gift Presentation on a yellow background with confetti.

Curious about what makes Growth so special? Talk to us. Tell us what we can do for your business to make it grow better.