HubSpot users, it's time to dive into this week’s HubSpot product updates list.  

A colorful graphic design of people creating revenue online with the title of the article on the right "HubSpot Updates: April 2023" from Growth Marketing Firm.

These fancy new additions are designed by the HubSpot team to help you optimize your business processes and improve overall productivity. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at the following updates:

Here are the details.

Global Capacity Limits for Live Chat Agents: Manage Your Team's Workload

As an Admin for the Conversations Inbox, you can now set capacity limits for your live chat agents to ensure they're not overwhelmed by a high volume of active chats. 

By implementing these limits, you can maintain a balance between providing timely responses to your customers and avoiding agent burnout. 

Repeat a Past Import: Simplify Data Management

Do you frequently import records or activities with the same properties? 

HubSpot now allows you to use a previously completed import as a template for new data imports - which can save you a ton of time and effort when managing your data.

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