HubSpot is famous for listening to (and delighting) its customers with software that grows businesses, and that’s never more apparent than when they release their new updates - all generated from user feedback. 

This November, they’ve got some doozies: from SEO analytics to tracking campaign spending (and everything in between). This month, HubSpot has new delightful additions to make being a part of the HubSpot ecosystem even more profitable, easy, and secure (not to mention fun). 

A list of the HubSpot Updates for November 2022 with a person with curly hair and glasses looking at their phone and smiling.

Let’s get into it. 

November 2022 HubSpot Product Updates

Import Activities 

You can now import activities into HubSpot! Holy SPROCKETS! 

Please note: Only tasks and calls can be imported without being associated with another object in HubSpot. At this time, calls are the only sales activity that you can export.

History Card Payment Details 

The history cards on a payment object capture the sequential events that a payment goes through. It aims to bring further transparency into the lifecycle of a payment processed in HubSpot.

Before, the payment object status reflected the latest payment status, but it didn’t show you what or why something happened with a payment. With History Card, you can now receive information about: 

  • When the refund was processed
  • Why the payment failed
  • Why a partial refund was requested

To get there in your HubSpot account, go to:

Payment object detail panel > History

Note: history includes only payments processed in the last 6 months. Any payment collected by HubSpot in 2021 or early 2022 might not have a history card on them.

Discount Codes on Payment Links

Discount Codes can now be created and used on HubSpot Payment Links. Happy Holidays, Hubsters!

To get there in your HubSpot account, go to: 

Settings > Products > Discount Codes

Apply Discount Codes at Payment Link Details

Contact Insights: See When Each Member of a List Joined

You can now see the timestamp of when each individual member of a list joined, which helps with customer segmenting, lead nurturing, and more while offering up a more delightful customer/buyer journey.

To get there in your HubSpot account, go to: 

Actions > Edit Columns > Added to List Date

New call-to-action

SEO Analytics 2.0

Check out the new "Analyze" tab in the SEO tool in your HubSpot CMS - powered by Google Search Console (GSC). Ho boi! It’s a big deal and a game-changer to your already SEO banger that is HubSpot CMS. 

To check it out in your HubSpot account, go to: 

Marketing > SEO > Analyze

Limit Login to Trusted IPs

You can now allow admins to choose to log in to their portal from attempts made only within their allowed IP range. This increases security for your HubSpot admin accounts (and, thus, your website overall). 

To get there in your HubSpot account, go to: 

Account Defaults > Security

Track Campaign Spend

With this rollout, HubSpot is introducing a simple new “spend” field for each campaign. 

Now you can more easily measure campaign ROI and other relevant campaign metrics, such as cost per MQL, cost per SQL, and more - all without ever leaving your HubSpot account.

To get there in your HubSpot account, go to: 

Marketing > Campaigns > Edit Campaign > Enter Currency and Spend

HubSpot Betas - November 2022

Growth team members Cody Kloock, Jesse D'Agostino, and Will Davidson working in the Growth Monterey office.

Get a preview of some of the updates coming down the pike next at HubSpot.

[Public Beta] CRM Record Overview Tab

The overview tab is a new space on the record page that consolidates all the relevant information.

To try it out in your HubSpot account, go to: 

Settings > Record Customization > Customize Overview tab

[Public Beta] Customer Journey Analytics

Now in Public Beta: Journey analytics now has visual components that make it easier than ever to know when, where, and who is dropping off your buyer journey by highlighting which touchpoints do and don't work.

Take a look at this Journey Analytics Deck to learn more.

[Private Beta] Approver Permission

By default, all SuperAdmins are approvers, but there's a new permission for non-Super Admins to approve content in private beta. 

To join the private beta and check out this cool new trick, go to:

Settings > Users & Teams > Account

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