As of June 2022, there are 3.96 billion active social media users globally, and a great deal of that isn’t just socializing, it’s business. 

So, if your business isn’t engaging on social media, it’s past time to begin with Sprout Social—and some even greater habits that it can build for your team. 

If your business is a social media butterfly already, then you need these tools more than most.

So, let’s take a look at those tools and what they can do. 

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Sprout Social + HubSpot

If you’ve ever wished for a platform to manage social media for your business from post creation to reporting, Sprout Social integrated with HubSpot just might be your dream come true. 

Both HubSpot and Sprout Social are dedicated to the inbound philosophy (and, look at that! So are we!) which focuses on building relationships with prospects, leads, customers, and clients, first and foremost. 

Sprout Social + HubSpot helps you build out your CRM so you can engage prospects, nurture leads, and delight customers on social media as much as you do in your other marketing channels. 

Sprout Social specifically helps you: 

  • Monitor engagement
  • Engage in the comments
  • Create + schedule posts
  • Track notifications
  • Report Metrics

In this way, Sprout Social can help you grow your brand, your contact list, and your business. 

Monitor Engagement with ONE Inbox

If you’ve ever wondered how social media managers keep up with all the notifications on the big 4 (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) at the same time, this is how. 

With Sprout Social’s one inbox, your customer care team can keep track of comments, tags, reviews, hashtags, direct messages, and more—and engage with social customers right on the spot. 

Connecting HubSpot Service Hub and Sprout Social allows customer support teams to collaborate with social media managers to resolve tickets quickly and efficiently as well. 

And that’s how the flywheel spins. 

Plan + Create + Publish with ONE Tool

Content is king, and consistency is that king’s BOSS on social media. 

So, you can have a fantastic content calendar, but without a tool to help you build out those posts, schedule them in advance, and automatically publish them on time, you’ve just got … a fantastic content calendar. 

Sprout Social offers that kind of logistics so your social media teams can spend all that extra time ideating and creating the content itself (the fun part). 

Social Data and the Reports to Analyze Them

Making data-driven decisions about “how to social media” for your brand is easier done than said with Sprout Social analytics tools. 

Integrated with HubSpot, it can help you: 

  • prove your social media marketing ROI
  • decide which platform performs best 
  • understand how to gain more followers 
  • compare you to your competition 
  • show you what type of post tracks best for your brand 

At Growth, we manage not only our own social media marketing but that of many of our clients as well. So, it’s imperative that we keep it organized and use a tool that automates enough of it to allow our lean marketing team to focus on creativity versus constant logistics. 

It’s our social media management secret sauce. 

Is your business a social media wallflower? We can help you stand out. Talk to us! Together, we’ve got this.

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