In our recent enlightening webinar, Chris Nault, the CEO and founder of Growth, shared invaluable insights on transforming stagnant websites into dynamic sales tools. As businesses evolve, so should their digital front - the website. However, many websites remain outdated, failing to generate leads or meet the changing needs. Chris delved into the common challenges faced by website owners and provided actionable steps to revitalize websites to better serve current customers, attract potential ones, and ultimately, drive sales.



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Important Takeaways:

(00:02:39) "Your website is the most important sales tool you have." - Chris Nault

(00:03:21) "Every website should be an educational resource, a general information hub, and provide efficient communications." - Chris Nault

(00:04:33) "Lead nurturing, certain content should be presented at certain times through the funnel." - Chris Nault

(00:04:52) "It should be a credibility builder. You should be proud of your successes and put your testimonials and awards, and let them shine." - Chris Nault

(00:08:28) “In the B2B website space, load speed is the biggest, most frequent, and easiest problem to solve.” - Chris Nault
(00:12:55) "Consistent updates ensure that your website stays relevant. It ensures that your marketing and sales team have the ability to add engagement." - Chris Nault

(00:16:37) "When is the right time to bring in help? When you know that the value of your website operating at full capacity... is a priority." - Chris Nault

(00:17:15) "Building a website is only the first step. You genuinely need to keep best practices going where pages and content are being updated regularly." - Chris Nault

(00:16:37) "I hope that the tools I'm providing is giving empowering you all to do that. At least the surface level, at least for some improvements, maybe to get you through the rest of the year." - Chris Nault

(00:13:44) “Repurposing content...Take some of the starting blocks so we don’t have to stress about the blank page syndrome.” - Chris Nault