SaaS (Software As A Service) and technology companies share a lot in common: a focus on technology–which is where HubSpot shines brightest. 

After all, HubSpot is a technology company itself, and, just like the thousands of tech companies they serve, HubSpot has their eye constantly on building simple software systems that gather the best data in the most efficient way possible so that we can all make the best data-driven decisions for our businesses. 

So, what’s the exact benefit of HubSpot for companies whose focus is as competitive and complicated as tech + SaaS? Let’s take a look. 


The Way HubSpot is Built

HubSpot was built from the ground up and out with the same code and framework which created a seamless product that inspires confidence in its users. That’s how HubSpot can provide max-level customer support for free: because it has a sturdy, organic, intuitive design that’s easily learned and adopted easier by teams of all kinds. 

Next-Level SEO Tools

HubSpot’s SEO tools are constantly evolving right along with Google’s algorithms. They’re built into the CMS itself–which is connected to all of its other hubs–which makes creating top-ranked content not only easy, it’s also simple to track and automate. 

Accelerated Lead Nurturing

Educating your leads about your tech business is nurturing your leads, and you can leverage that educational content to convert your website visitors and leads into contacts in your database. From there, toggle-to-automate email campaigns and automations that convert those contacts to customers. 

Quicker Leads to Sales: Automation & CRM Sync Tools

When you’re in a competitive market like tech, you have to be quick to respond when you’ve got a lead. 

HubSpot makes building a frictionless sales process a reality because of how interconnected the entire system is. In HubSpot, sales and marketing always play nice, ensuring a seamless handoff that means more sales overall.  

Shared Information = Valuable Information


When you have a database that’s useful, silo-resistant, and utilized by every member of your RevOps teams, your contacts are way more valuable. 

Because of the hub design, your customer success team can reduce churn, your marketing team can streamline lead gen, and your sales team can have personalized conversations–all for each contact in your CRM. 

Upselling is easier when everyone can see each contact's entire journey and what they might need–and each conversation feels like a continuation which builds relationships that last.   

Speaking of building relationships, if you’re curious about all the ways HubSpot can work to make your tech or SaaS company spin like a, well… hub, just ask us! Growth is a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner and evangelist, and there’s nothing we love talking about more than our favorite CRM.

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