When we named the firm “Growth,” we had no idea #thismuchgrowth (!) would happen this quickly, but, when you have a team assembled around the idea of heads-down work that helps other businesses grow, it’s inevitable. 

Check out what’s happened over here in the last 12 months at your favorite marketing firm. 

In short, we did some pretty miraculous things. Here are the year’s top milestones: 

  • Double-tiered HubSpot (Platinum Status!)
  • Nationally Recognized as a Top Advertising Agency
  • Selected as a Top B2B Sales Automation Agency in Florida 
  • Selected as a Top B2B Company in Florida
  • Hosted the first Growth Team Retreat
  • Adopted a Service Menu 
  • Increased YOY Revenue by 21%
  • Grew our team to establish a core group with expertise in the areas our clients need most, so we can help and grow even more. 

Here's the month to month breakdown:


  • Kicked off our first ever HubSpot Sales Pro Onboarding with Nexxo Fleet
  • Kicked off our first ever HubSpot Marketing Pro Onboarding AND CUSTOM INTEGRATION project with MacPhail

February + March

  • Will's 1-Year Growthiversary
  • Whole team in Orlando HQ for first company volunteer event
  • First-ever company webinar! Co-hosted with Full Sail University

April + May

  • First HubSpot CMS Landing Page Project
  • Gold Tier @ HubSpot
  • Growth’s 2nd-best sales month of all time

June + July

August + September + October

  • Ashley’s 2-Year Growthiversary
  • Rolled out new HubSpot Optimization Service available as 30 or 90 day package
  • 1st Annual Growth Retreat in Monterey, CA
  • San Francisco Fleet Week

November + December

  • Katrina’s 1-Year Growthiversary
  • Second Full Sail Seminar (w/ Ash!)
  • December: Best Month of Sales in 2021 (2nd-best of all time!)
  • Katrina + Chris are back in Orlando office

The Growth Mindset that inspires our team to value progression over perfection allows us also to be quick on our feet, light, agile, and to create brilliance quite by accident sometimes. 

When it’s fun, and you love what you do–and who you do it for–you don’t stay a sapling forever. You shoot up, level out, and endure. That’s the plan: Big energy for 2022 and beyond. That’s us!

Wanna come with us? Let's talk.

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