During a time when consumers are looking to support local businesses and restaurants, Instagram is making it a little bit easier to order your favorite brunch items with its newest innovation. With just one click, restaurants who partner with ChowNow can now encourage people to order food by adding “Order Food” buttons to their Instagram profile and through stickers in their Stories free of charge, providing another way to sustain their businesses in these difficult times. So as you’re drooling over stunning snaps of food, you don’t have to swipe away from it, you go right to it. 

Instagram x ChowNow: Helping Restaurants during COVID-19

Offering a Lifeline For Restaurateurs 

Instagram has long been one of the two key social media platforms for restaurants. And now as an even greater marketing tool, the platform is giving restaurant owners even more scope to gain customers. Innovating your marketing to stay afloat of the COVID-19 curve, this new integration will make it easier to discover gift cards, control online food orders, and fundraiser so you can support the businesses you love. What’s even more clever is the no-commission model being a big deal, especially in an often-contentious third-party environment.

“Our relationship with Instagram expands the reach of these restaurants, allowing for more organic discovery, and ultimately empowering restaurants to better serve their customers,” ChowNow CEO Chris Webb, said in the game-changing release. Whether you’re doing delivery, takeout, curbside or some combination of both, restaurants and consumers would be wise to take advantage of the new ChowNow-Instagram alliance. 

Another Reason Not to Quarantine Your Marketing

We’ve talked before about the importance of social media for restaurants especially during this time. And now more than ever restaurants need to stay engaged on a daily basis. Given that most restaurants around the nation have had to close their dining rooms, the partnership between ChowNow and Instagram is serving as a great marketing tool to help drive more revenue, boost order volume, and show the world that even during a pandemic it’s important to adjust your marketing to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. So in the words of our agency, what can you do in a time like this? Let your business BLOOM!

There may not be a reason to have open tables at the moment but that doesn’t mean you have to put your business on hold. Across the country,  businesses are shifting their models rapidly to better support both themselves and their communities while social-distancing orders remain in place. And during unprecedented times like these, seeing an opportunity for business to remain open while serving a community’s shifting needs is what our team has strived to do. Bloom by Growth is a new service our agency designed for all businesses that need to get online fast and have a stronger digital presence. allowing for more organic discovery, and ultimately empowering restaurants to better serve their customers.

With ChowNow integrating with Instagram using this commission-free tool, our agency has also found other ways for your business to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social media now has never been more important, so we want to ensure that you are utilizing all the right tools at your disposal. If you’re not a ChowNow partner yet or looking to bloom your business into the next level, click here to learn more about ways to ensure that your business is staying up to date with all digital marketing features. Schedule a call with one of our online experts to get started today! We’re always here to help.