Centralized around Orlando, Florida, the Orange County Government serves the 1,378,538 citizens of Orange County and its 75 million annual visitors with integrity, honesty, fairness, and professionalism.

With a commitment to engaging its citizens in the decision-making process—and a dedication to building a culture of innovation, collaboration, and inclusion—they earn the trust of their constituency and improve the quality of life of all people in Orange County. 

One of the ways they build trust and a strong citizenry is through ensuring that the Ryan White resources distributed to them by the U.S. Federal Government are easily accessible to all.

This requires creating awareness campaigns that are effective and efficient to ensure people with an HIV diagnosis receive clear directions for finding the resources they need to stay healthy.  

The Story

As one of our long-term clients, the Orange County Government asked Growth to create the campaign. 

The initial idea was to create ads for traditional audiences with local radio, digital billboards, and local print as well as generate awareness through digital advertising. 

As their partner, we committed ourselves to the following tasks from the start:

  • Assist in the selection of ad-buying avenues based on their goals and budget.
  • Manage all ad buys; negotiate rates (to include bonus buys) and cover editorial when appropriate.
  • Create and resize ads when needed.
  • Provide weekly data reports on ad placements and relevant KPIs. 

The Challenge

For decades, campaigns aimed at getting the right information about HIV resources to the people who need it have struggled to do so, so we knew that taking an outside-the-box, multi-channel approach would be necessary to ensure the right people received the right message at the right time. 

The Solution

The Growth team created a multi-channel marketing blitz through geotargeted promotional ads with traditional branding paired with a few experimental new platforms.

Images of the Growth Ryan White campaign on a mobile phone screen, a billboard, and a bus station.

Our multi-channel approach fell under the umbrella of these three key marketing formats: 

  • Digital
    - Google Search and Display
    - Facebook
    - Instagram
  • Traditional
    - Billboard
    - Radio
  • Experimental
    - Grindr App
    - Watermark Magazine/ Online
    - Lynx Bus

The Result

The campaign ran from January through the end of February 2022, and the data we gathered from HubSpot for the final report for Orange County Government speaks for itself. 

A group of people sitting together and laughing with Ryan White campaign highlights from Growth Marketing Firm

  • 1.5 million Orange County residents reached 
  • 42K ad clicks  
  • 14% Click-Thru Rate
  • 8 uniquely different marketing channels

A large portion of the campaign's success was driven by the ads promoted within the Grindr app. These ads far outperformed the ROI of every other platform, including Google and Facebook. 

In a little over a fourth of the time of the entire campaign, Grindr grabbed close to half of the engagement for this campaign. 

Statistics from the Grindr app section of the Ryan White campaign on a green background with a picture of the ad shown on a mobile phone at the bottom.

The success of this campaign hinged on finding the exact people who needed the information to get the assistance they desperately needed. 

And, as inbound marketing practitioners, that’s kind of what we do best. With a team of critical thinkers dedicated to serving others, that’s just how we do it. 

We do the research to figure out who your message is for and put the message in the right place so they'll find it exactly when they need it. 

At sundown, it really is just a spirit of service. A give without a get. 

Want stats on how this whole campaign worked? Want these kinds of results for your business? Just ask us. We’re right here.

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