It’s simple.  You want results, but you’re not seeing them. That is the most direct and honest reason to hire a growth agency.  If you need a few more reasons, keep on reading.

To help you create a fully functioning system that allows you to grow your company and allows us to do some legwork, you’ve got to take an aerial view of what is and what isn’t working. Once you can identify those cracks in your foundation, you can start to find ways to fix those cracks. There’s no ‘right time’ to hire a growth agency but we want to help you identify if you’re in absolute need of one and show you how we can help with the issues you need help fixing.


1) Why now?

You’ve reached a turning point. You’re squandering resources, time, and money, but you’re not reaching your goals. Maybe you’re focusing on the legwork when you should be focusing on your company’s overall operations. There is no need to take work home with you when your resources are being properly allocated. Funneling resources to a growth agency will help you come out the other side with several wins. When you hire a growth agency, you can stop taking so much of your work home with you and make better use of your valuable resources. We can give you back time to focus on your business. 

2) Dead ends

Do you have a clear outline of your sales journey? If not, you could unknowingly be leading your prospects to a dead end. Are all of your leads leading to a dead end because they’re unqualified? Are your sales stagnant? This may be a direct effect of your marketing efforts. If you’re not targeting the right prospects, you won’t be able to capture and convert the right leads.   This is one of the most important signals that it’s time to hire a growth agency. 

3) Maybe you and your team don’t have the skills

Assuming you have the proper bandwidth or the right people in your seats, you and your team are lacking the right skills and it’s possibly already created a dent in your operation. Here at Growth, we are an instant team expander; whether you are a sales director who needs a bigger marketing department or a CMO who needs more access to skilled resources, we’ve got you covered.

4) You’re looking for the right backup

You need more support, the right tools, and strong backup to help you through the growing pains. A growth agency does just that. More specific to Growth Marketing, we aren’t just any growth agency, we are a Hubspot Solutions Partner and this means that we’ve got everything you need and more to back you up when you need it. Growth Marketing is here to give you the support and tools you need to scale.

Being a Hubspot partner means we can help you:

  • Convert leads
  • Quantify an ROI 
  • Provide marketing automation
  • Provide customer satisfaction tools

Just to name a few, find out more by scheduling a free consultation today!

Learn more about Hubspot as a CRM tool and how it can help you.

5) You’re ready to take your company to the next level!

The biggest indicator that it’s time to hire a growth agency is your desire to grow. Change is inevitable but growth is optional. If you want to grow your enterprise, you’ve got to do everything necessary to make it happen and that means hiring a growth agency. 

Here at Growth, we’re ready to take on the challenges of growing your business and reaching your business goals. Book a free consultation today to learn more and grow with Growth!