(last updated August 25, 2022)

The first step your ideal customer takes on their buyer journey toward your business is most likely online research, and more and more buyers are happy to make even large purchases remotely. 

The statistics speak for themselves: According to an April 2021 PowerReviews study, 99.9% of buyers research products and services online before buying anything. That means that your ideal customer is actively looking for you right this minute. 

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So, how do you reach out to them before they reach out to one of your competitors? 

With buyer intent data, and here’s how it works: 

Intent data is information gathered from a person’s online behavior through the use of intent signals like time spent on a webpage and the number of times they return to content. 

The analysis of the data indicates the topics, products, or services a person may need which allows sales and marketing teams to tailor their time and effort toward the exact people who are actively looking for what they offer.

These are warm leads that can be identified and engaged early in the research phase of the buyer’s journey. 

The level of your buyer’s intent can be identified through their behavior on your website. This is called first-party intent data. It is information you collect about your own users, and it can be extremely agile and gathered quickly from CRM software like top-of-the-game HubSpot

First-party intent data reports on user behaviors like these on your website:

  • Reading specific articles on your blog
  • Searching product comparisons and review pages
  • Return visits
  • Downloading your gated content (whitepapers, case studies, eBooks)
  • General engagement (email opens, actual time on site, clicks)
  • How they found your website (from a review, your ad, your social media post)

Using first-party applications like Google Analytics and your CRM can definitely increase your marketing and sales process, but if you want to know when your North Star (™) B2B buyer has true intentionality toward what you offer even when they’re not on your own website, acquiring third-party data might be exactly what’s in order.

In that case, a company like Leadiro can provide you with detailed, pre-qualified leads that focus on your unique buyer persona. 

Utilizing buyer intent data allows your sales team to engage your buyers early and streamline their pipelines for warm leads and can spin a flywheel toward the true growth you’ve been fishing for in your business. 

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