Case Study: Driving $2.6M in pipeline in 9 months with ABM for Mechanix Wear

In a strategic shift to amplify their B2B operations, Mechanix Wear and Chicago Protective Gear partnered with Growth to integrate account-based marketing (ABM) into their existing business framework. The initiative began as an experimental approach, with gradual increases in investment to measure effectiveness and impact. Throughout this process, we worked in close collaboration with the Global VP of Commercial Marketing, ensuring alignment with the brands' overarching commercial strategies.

Rather than overhauling their existing marketing and sales efforts, this partnership aimed to complement and enhance them through targeted ABM tactics. This approach allowed for a more measured, data-driven transition, aligning closely with the brands' needs and market dynamics. The focus was on not just adding a new marketing dimension but doing so in a way that seamlessly integrates with and amplifies their established practices.

"Thrilled with the early results of our ABM campaign, I appreciate Growth Marketing Firm's commitment to detail and their agility in adapting to our unique needs, making them an invaluable partner."

- J. Trottier, Global VP of Commercial Marketing


Challenge: Creating Market Share and Targeting Key Accounts

The primary challenge for Mechanix Wear and Chicago Protective Gear was multi-faceted and strategically complex:

  • Creating Market Share in New Segments: Beyond exploring new markets, the brands actively worked on creating and capturing market share in uncharted segments. This required innovative strategies to establish a presence in previously untapped industries.
  • Gaining Entry into Large Key Accounts: A significant objective was to gain entry into major accounts that had remained elusive over the years. The approach needed to be both strategic and nuanced to unlock these high-value opportunities.
  • Complementing Sales Efforts: Aligning the ABM strategy with ongoing sales initiatives was crucial. The focus was on ensuring that marketing efforts complemented and enhanced sales activities in targeted markets or locations.
  • Validating the ABM Strategy for Sustained Growth: The overarching challenge was to prove that the ABM strategy could be a reliable engine for sustained new growth. The intention was not just to demonstrate short-term gains but to establish a pattern of long-term, consistent growth through these efforts.

Solution: Comprehensive ABM Strategy and Execution by Growth

Growth Marketing Firm devised and executed a multifaceted ABM strategy, employing a best-in-class software stack complemented by our strategic, hands-on approach. This comprehensive solution encompassed not only campaign creation but also continuous management, in-depth analytics, and iterative enhancements for optimal performance.

Execution Strategy:

  • Strategic Campaign Development: Growth meticulously designed and executed targeted ABM campaigns, ensuring alignment with the client's specific business objectives and sales targets.
  • White-Glove Service: Our approach was hands-on and tailored, involving the creation of campaigns, providing analytics, detailed reporting, and constant monitoring for performance optimization.
  • Iterative Enhancements: We expanded the program after six months to include intent-based outreach, constantly adapting and refining our strategies based on real-time data and feedback.
Key Software Components:

  • HubSpot: Leveraged for both Marketing and Sales Hubs, HubSpot was central to quickly creating engaging assets and gathering rich insights for new deals. It served as the backbone for our ABM campaigns, providing a cohesive platform for lead nurturing and progression tracking.
  • Utilized for industry research and the creation of targeted ICP and contact persona lists,'s data-driven capabilities were key in identifying and engaging the right prospects effectively.
  • RollWorks: Employed for intent data collection and delivery of personalized ads at both the company and contact level, enhancing our ability to connect with potential customers through relevant messaging.
  • Salesforce: Essential for maintaining transparency in lead follow-up and deal management, especially as the sales team operates within Salesforce. This integration ensured a seamless flow of information and unified management of customer interactions.

Results: $2.6M in Pipeline in 9 Months

Broad Outreach and Deal Creation:
  • Scope: The program reached 6,500 contacts across 1,396 companies in 2023, leading to 151 deals.
  • Pipeline and Revenue: Generated $2.6 million in pipeline and $560,254 in Closed Won revenue over 9 months. As of 1/10/2024 $1.4M in open pipeline. 
  • Lead Conversion Efficiency: Cut down the lead-to-opportunity conversion time to 36 days.
  • High Engagement through Targeted Forms:
  • Engagement: Directed outreach resulted in 166 form submissions, indicating strong market interest.

Ambitious Goals for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Mechanix Wear has set even more ambitious targets. The brand aims to expand its reach to 60,000 contacts in the first and second quarters alone, significantly scaling up its ABM efforts. This goal represents a tenfold increase in outreach, underscoring the brand's commitment to growth and its confidence in the ABM program's effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

In this case study, Growth successfully implemented a comprehensive Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy for Mechanix Wear and Chicago Protective Gear. Addressing challenges such as creating market share in new segments and gaining entry into key accounts, Growth utilized a sophisticated mix of tools like HubSpot,, RollWorks, and Salesforce. Their approach combined strategic campaign development, white-glove service, and iterative enhancements. This led to significant outreach, deal creation, and a notable reduction in lead-to-opportunity conversion time. Praised for their tailored strategy and adaptability, Growth not only met but exceeded client expectations, setting ambitious growth targets for the future.