Delighting the donors you have and consistently engaging new ones is the holy grail of long-term non-profit success. 

But when there are so many moving parts to manage, keeping track of everything that must be done can be challenging for even the most seasoned (and delightful) fundraisers.

This is the point at which HubSpot steps in to save the day. 

A vector image of people's hands reaching up with hearts, coins, credit cards, and money as representative of giving to a non-profit organization because of donor outreach.

HubSpot workflows and automation tools were built to help you with small (but important) tasks so that you can focus on the work that needs a human touch. 

Automatic Engagement: HubSpot Automation

In HubSpot, you can easily set up automated (but personalized) email campaigns when specific actions or events occur. 

Let’s say you receive a new donation from a previous donor. 

Hooray, right?! Exactly. 

And you get another “Hoorah!” when the email you’ve crafted goes out automatically, thanking that donor. And it happens every time without fail. 

That’s another big win for your organization. 

Understanding Your Donors: Data-Driven Workflows

And your handy HubSpot workflow tools can also help you understand what’s happening if donors are disengaged too. 

What if you could send out a survey of your design (again, in HubSpot’s easy-to-use platform) that gathers the right information in an easy-to-read customizable report for analysis? You can! 

A vector image of a group of people standing in line holding up hearts to represent donor love for a non-profit organization with a quote about HubSpot workflow for data-driven donor engagement from Growth Marketing Firm.

The big bonus? You have the information you need to make data-driven decisions about how to inspire donors to reconnect. 

And that’s just two examples. 

HubSpot’s simple format allows you to automate and create workflows limited only by your imagination. 

Special Content for Special Donors: Segmented Lists

For instance, if you need to segment your donor list by location and send targeted campaigns to specific donors in one area, that’s entirely possible in HubSpot. 

Imagine if you could set up a workflow to send a special campaign to engage with donors who’ve given at a certain level in the past—or to donors who’ve given consistently over a certain amount of time. 

The amount of time and energy you could save by using HubSpot tools for these tasks is a celebration in itself. 

Dynamic, Delightful Content

One of the most valuable features of HubSpot is its ability to help you create dynamic content and personalized emails based on each donor’s information, which makes the message more relevant, helpful, and valuable to them. 

Features like these save you time that you and your team could spend envisioning ways to reach out and make a difference, but they assist you in delighting old donors and engaging the new ones (and increasing your fundraising efforts overall). 

A vector image of people working around a big heart to represent non-profits engaging donors with a quote about HubSpot dynamic content + personalization tools from Growth Marketing Firm.

Task Manager, Time Saver: HubSpot Overview

At the end of the day, there are very few small tasks that HubSpot can’t help you manage better. 

Because HubSpot is a marketing, sales, and service software tool that needs to serve so many different types of businesses, it’s created to help you do just about anything you need to do to run your non-profit organization.  

Here’s a short list: 

  1. Contact management: Organizing and segmenting your donors and prospective donors
  2. Email marketing: Creating and sending personalized email campaigns
  3. Social media management: Scheduling and publishing social media posts
  4. Lead generation: Creating forms and landing pages to capture new donor leads
  5. Marketing automation: Automating repetitive tasks such as email, calls, and scheduling follow-ups
  6. Sales enablement: Providing fundraising teams with tools to manage new donor engagement and track progress
  7. Reporting and analytics: Tracking the performance of your fundraising efforts
  8. Live chat and chatbots: Providing donors with instant support and assistance
  9. CRM: Manage all donor interactions and data in one place
Specifically, HubSpot's workflows and automation tools can make a world of difference in your donor retention and engagement efforts (and the other tools are an added bonus that you’ll love). 

Because workflow and automation features streamline tasks and allow you to target and personalize your campaigns, they’re the perfect assistant to help you create more effective, efficient, delightful fundraising campaigns that inspire donors, old and new. 

Growth just happens to be a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner—which means that we’re certified by HubSpot to help you with everything HubSpot from onboarding to optimization

And we’re pretty delightful, too (if we do say so). 

The Growth team created a free checklist of HubSpot workflow and automation action items your team can download and put to work for your organization right this minute. Enjoy!

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Happy fundraising!

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