Ross Goodman’s designs are one of the top benefits of working with Growth. In addition to building beautiful, dynamic websites, campaigns, logos, and digital assets for our clients, he constantly has his eye on updating our website, too. 

And that’s an indispensable tool that makes a big difference in our business. 

Take a look at it, and you’ll see what we mean. 

His inherent talent for aligning a client’s value proposition with designs that appeal to their ideal customers–and how to create tools and infrastructure that drive sales–creates massive new business for Growth and for our clients.

How do we know his designs drive sales? HubSpot data, of course. 

When you pair the Ross level of knowledge, experience, and genius with a tool like HubSpot CMS, sparks fly. 

And, at Growth, there are fireworks when Ross builds a design. 

Growth Design and Dev Lead, Ross Goodman, with Director of Sales, Will Davidson, and  Account Manager, Ashley Lilly in the Growth Headquarters in Orlando, Florida.Ross + Will + Ashley in the Growth Orlando HQ, 2021.

Ross + HubSpot = Conversion

In addition to being one course away from an A.S. in computer programming/web development, Ross is highly-trained and certified in website development that converts visitors into customers in HubSpot CMS. 

His HubSpot certifications include: Email Marketing, Growth-driven Design, HS CMS for Developers, and SEO. 

Chris Nault says: “When clients come to Growth to help them build a stunning website that really works as their 24/7 sales tool, Ross listens carefully and applies his talent to get the job done. He’s focused, organized, brilliant at what he does, and an absolute joy to work with.”

Ross’s favorite design for a client: "Ameratrail gave us creative freedom to design the look and logo for their new subsidiary, Unique Coatings and Fabrications, from the ground up—no direction. As exciting as this was daunting, we seized the opportunity to deliver an aesthetic quality for the face of their new venture that won them over.” 

See Ross’s design for the Unique Coating + Fabrication website in action, here

Project overview of Unique Coating and Fabrication’s new website design created by Ross Goodman for Growth Marketing Firm.

Unique Coating + Fabrication project overview, design: Ross Goodman 

In all things design + development, Ross is Boss from way back. 

Ross has been interested in creating art in one form or another as long as he can remember, and it shows.

His instinct about what’s equally beautiful and functional in website design comes from his natural tendency to notice (and design!) elegant details because, at the source of it, he’s an artist with the coding genius to bring visions to life.

Project Manager, Katrina Horne with Design and Dev Lead, Ross Goodman in the Growth Headquarters in Orlando, Florida.Growth Project Manager, Katrina Horne + Design & Dev Lead, Ross Goodman in the Growth Orlando HQ, 2020.

Ross: “I started playing with Photoshop when I was about 12, and my interest just grew from there.”  

12, y’all. 

In high school, when other kids were working at Wendy’s, Ross found a job photo editing–which allowed him to start building a career out of what he considers play: website design and development. And for over 12 years, Ross has been creating one digital masterpiece after another for happy clients. 

His eye for what people find compelling and beautiful is intrinsic–and keeping up with trends in website design is one of the many things Ross just does for fun.

He’s also an accomplished photographer, videographer, and filmmaker with a knack for visual storytelling that’s unique and stunning. 

ross-goodman-photo-pacific-growth-marketing-firmMonterey, CA Shoreline. Photo credit: Ross Goodman

Like what you see? Don’t just hire a website designer, hire the Growth team and get ROSS’s spark of genius to go along with it. Let’s talk.

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