INBOUND 2023 is quickly approaching, and the line-up is nothing short of electrifying.

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It’s the ultimate destination for anyone looking to learn, grow, and connect with industry leaders across tech who specialize in marketing, sales, operations, customer success, and much more. 

With a host of experts and industry leaders from various fields, there's something for everyone. 

We've sifted through INBOUND 2023’s packed agenda and handpicked some sessions that particularly caught our attention, organized by the date of presentation and session type.

Enjoy! (And see you there!) 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

A scene from a drive-in movie at night in which part of the logo design for INBOUND 2023 is displayed with the words "Wednesday, September 6, 2023" in white lettering with gold stars twinkling around them. There are five cars of various colors and types parked in from of the screen as though watching the movie. The car in the center has the Growth Marketing Firm logo on the back. This image marks the beginning of agenda items from INBOUND 2023 that Growth is most interested in for Wednesday, September 6.

Kick off INBOUND 2023 with a deep dive into international marketing insights, synchronizing sales strategies, and exploring the transformative potential of AI in writing and marketing.

Marketing Sessions

Why International Marketing Is Your Growth Superpower with Sunil Desai, Kat Warboys, and Susanne Ronnqvist Ahmadi

  • Description: Dive into the nuances of international marketing with a panel of global leaders, exploring topics from content localization to effective hiring strategies.
  • Significance: Global expansion requires a nuanced understanding of international markets, and this session provides the insights needed for success.

Sales Strategy Sessions

Gain and Grow: Aligning Sales and Success for Impact with Christian Kinnear and Jeetu Mahtani

  • Description: Christian Kinnear and Jeetu Mahtani of HubSpot highlight the importance of synchronizing sales and customer success initiatives for an integrated, value-focused customer journey. They will discuss their approach at HubSpot, detailing the outcomes, lessons gleaned, and success metrics.
  • Significance: A synchronized sales and success effort can drastically enhance customer retention and uncover upsell opportunities, making this session pivotal for sales and customer success professionals.

Solution Selling: Mindset, Processes, and Results with Molly Rigatti 

  • Description: Molly Rigatti breaks down solution selling, emphasizing how it’s not about the sale but about addressing the customer's needs. The session offers a deep dive into the strategies, tools, processes, and results that make solution selling effective.
  • Significance: For sales professionals striving to enhance their rapport with clients and improve conversion rates, understanding the tenets of solution selling can be game-changing.

AI & Innovation Sessions

The AI Advantage: AI Tools for Writers Workshop with Dale Bertrand

  • Description: Dale Bertrand delves into the transformative realm of AI tools tailored for writers in this immersive workshop. 2023's AI-powered writing tools promise not only enhanced efficiency but also a wellspring of creative ideas and comprehensive research methodologies. This workshop guides participants in discerning the most suitable tools that mesh with individual writing styles while preserving authenticity and fostering creativity.
  • Significance: As AI integration into various professions becomes paramount, it's essential for writers to grasp how these tools can elevate their craft without overshadowing their unique voice. This session ensures writers are well-equipped to harness the best of AI without compromise.

Marketing Against the Grain Live: The Future of AI with Kipp Bodnar and Kieran Flanagan 

  • Description: Embark on an exhilarating journey with thought leaders Kipp Bodnar and Kieran Flanagan, navigating the labyrinth of emerging marketing trends, avant-garde growth tactics, and AI-driven innovations. This session, an offering from the HubSpot Podcast Network, promises attendees a deep dive into the future of AI in marketing.
  • Significance: As AI reshapes marketing's future, staying updated with the latest trends and innovations becomes paramount. This session promises to unravel AI's future trajectory, ensuring marketers are primed for the upcoming wave of change.

Keys to World-Class Content and Winning Trust in the AI Era with Marcus Sheridan 

  • Description: Marcus Sheridan, renowned content maestro, shows us the path to creating captivating content in an AI-driven world. This session aims to dispel AI-related anxieties, showcasing how AI can be an ally in crafting impactful content.
  • Growth Excitement: Content remains king, and in an age dominated by AI, understanding how to maintain authenticity while leveraging AI can be transformative for Growth teams. This session promises strategies to enhance content production and achieve better engagement and trust.

AImpact: Using Artificial Intelligence to Scale Your Startup with Kareem Amin, Meghan Keaney Anderson, and Laurence Butler

  • Description: HubSpot for Startups hosts this illuminating panel discussion centered on AI's transformative impact on startup growth. Glean insights from three pioneering AI-centric startups on streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and delivering superior customer outcomes.
  • Significance: Startups, with their limited resources and aggressive growth trajectories, can benefit immensely from AI's efficiency-driven approach. This session offers a roadmap for startups to infuse AI at their core and scale rapidly.

Growth & Acquisition Sessions

New Email Marketing Test Ideas and Pitfalls To Avoid with Pierce Ujjainwalla and Jay Schwedelson 

  • Description: Discover actionable tactics to optimize email marketing, from increasing open rates to determining the optimal sending frequency.
  • Significance: Email marketing's success hinges on continuous evolution, and staying updated on the latest trends and pitfalls is crucial.

ABM: Transform One: Many Into a Connected One: Few with Kevin England 

  • Description: Kevin England dives deep into the intricate world of account-based marketing. He provides a step-by-step breakdown of the revenue flywheel stages, emphasizing the importance of an emotionally connected marketing approach.
  • Significance: In an increasingly personalized marketing landscape, mastering the art of targeted and emotionally resonant marketing can set businesses apart.

How To Drive a Connected GTM Model With RevOps with Sam Jacobs, Alison Elworthy, and Sid Kumar 

  • Description: The session delves into the rising significance of RevOps in shaping growth strategies. Attendees will learn from HubSpot and other high-growth companies on how they utilize RevOps to ensure GTM alignment and offer a connected experience throughout the customer's journey.
  • Significance: With RevOps being an essential component for many fast-scaling companies, this session offers attendees a comprehensive overview of best practices and strategies to streamline growth efforts.

Main Stage

The HubSpot Spotlight with Yamini Rangan, Dharmesh Shah, and Andrew Pitre 

  • Description: INBOUND 2023 kicks off with a bang as HubSpot’s top brass takes center stage. Expect visionary talks, product reveals, and deep dives into HubSpot's journey and where they envision the future of inbound marketing.
  • Growth Excitement: As HubSpot Diamond Solution Partners, HubSpot's tools and strategies are pivotal for the Growth teams. This session promises to offer the latest trends, tools, and strategies right from the source, making it a goldmine for Growth and our enthusiasts.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

A scene from a drive-in movie at night in which part of the logo design for INBOUND 2023 is displayed with the words "Thursday, September 7, 2023" in white lettering with gold stars twinkling around them. There are five cars of various colors and types parked in from of the screen as though watching the movie. The car in the center has the Growth Marketing Firm logo on the back. This image marks the beginning of agenda items from INBOUND 2023 that Growth is most interested in for Thursday, September 7.

Immerse yourself in the world of generative text AI, innovative B2B sales methodologies, and prepare for the upcoming AI boom while also gaining insights on optimizing growth and leveraging creativity for heightened team synergy.

Marketing Sessions

Deconstructing Generative Text AI for Social with Kate Bradley Chernis

  • Description: 2023 heralds the ascendancy of AI-generated content. Kate Bradley Chernis, an industry veteran, elucidates the nuances of using generative text AI, touching upon its origins, ethical dimensions, and practical applications. She also dives into potential pitfalls and little-known industry secrets, ensuring marketers maximize their AI-powered endeavors.
  • Significance: As generative AI becomes an integral part of content strategies, understanding its intricacies is crucial for marketers. This session provides an unfiltered lens into AI's potential and the pitfalls to avoid.

Sales Strategy Sessions

Revolutionizing B2B Sales With Revenue Acceleration with Channing Ferrer 

  • Description: Channing Ferrer presents a fresh perspective on the B2B sales process, highlighting the outdated methods and introducing the concept of revenue acceleration as a game changer.
  • Significance: In an era where customer expectations are skyrocketing, adapting to innovative sales methodologies like revenue acceleration can set businesses apart from their competition.

Turn HubSpot Into the Ultimate Sales Engagement Platform with David Gable and Aldo Barbagiovanni

  • Description: This session aims to alter the perception of HubSpot being just a marketing and CRM tool. Attendees will learn how to transform HubSpot into a formidable sales engagement platform, optimizing outreach based on data analytics.
  • Significance: Leveraging the full potential of platforms like HubSpot can significantly amplify sales efforts, making this session essential for sales professionals using or considering the platform.

Build and Align D&I Revenue Teams for Efficient Growth with Deanna Ranson and Lori Richardson

  • Description: This session sheds light on creating and leading inclusive go-to-market teams that are essential for optimized revenue growth. Deanna Ransom and Lori Richardson will guide attendees on how to draft a strategic plan for achieving revenue goals, emphasizing alignment and inclusion throughout the process. The session offers practical insights from case studies.
  • Significance: In today's global market, diversity and inclusion are critical for innovation and accessing a broader client base. This session is vital for sales professionals looking to build a well-rounded, efficient team and for companies aiming to maximize their reach and revenue.

Scaling Marketing Operations From Supporting 2 to 80 People with Alivia Smith

  • Description: Alivia Smith shares her insights on building and scaling a marketing operations function, drawing from her experience at a rapidly growing B2B tech company.
  • Significance: Efficient scaling is a cornerstone of successful growth, and understanding the nuances of marketing operations can ensure sustainable expansion.

AI & Innovation Sessions

Preparing for the AI Boom: The Perspective of a Futurist with Sinead Bovell 

  • Description: AI is no longer a distant dream; it's our present reality. Sinead Bovell, recognized for making tech talk accessible to all, unravels the opportunities and challenges an AI-dominated future holds.
  • Growth Excitement: For Growth teams, AI represents a wealth of possibilities - from automating processes to better understanding customers. Gaining Sinead's perspective could shed light on how to best integrate AI solutions to achieve unparalleled growth milestones.

Growth & Acquisition Sessions

Debate: Email — Get the Open! vs. Get the Response! with Troy Sandidge, Nancy Harhut, and Jay Schwedelson

  • Description: Leading experts engage in a compelling debate to uncover the elements that truly drive email success, from timing and design to landing pages.
  • Significance: Email marketing remains a powerful tool, and optimizing campaigns for genuine engagement is critical for achieving desired results.

Integrate Your App With HubSpot to Leverage a Growth Channel with Dax Miller, Tyron Foston, and Connor Jeffers 

  • Description: Learn from the co-founders of hapily about integrating your app with HubSpot, leveraging the ecosystem for growth, and driving product adoption.
  • Significance: Integrating with powerful platforms like HubSpot can open doors to extensive growth opportunities.

Main Stage

Fueling Focus and Creativity with Andrew Huberman 

  • Description: Dive deep into the brain's workings with neurobiologist Andrew Huberman. This session promises to unlock the power of focus, mindfulness, and rest, drawing a direct line between these elements and heightened creativity and team cohesion.
  • Growth Excitement: The Growth team's success hinges on creativity and innovative thinking. Harnessing the principles discussed by Huberman could significantly enhance ideation processes, campaign execution, and overall team synergy.

Friday, September 8, 2023

A scene from a drive-in movie at night in which part of the logo design for INBOUND 2023 is displayed with the words "Friday, September 8, 2023" in white lettering with gold stars twinkling around them. There are five cars of various colors and types parked in from of the screen as though watching the movie. The car in the center has the Growth Marketing Firm logo on the back. This image marks the beginning of agenda items from INBOUND 2023 that Growth is most interested in for Friday, September 8.

Conclude the conference with a journey through mastering marketing attribution, leveraging LinkedIn's ad potential, and learning key strategies for driving sales productivity in 2024, topped off with inspirational lessons from Hollywood's own Reese Witherspoon on innovation and leadership.

Marketing Sessions

Mystery of Marketing Attribution: How To Optimize Your Spend with Connor Jeffers 

  • Description: Navigate the complex world of marketing attribution with Connor Jeffers. Understand why traditional methods often fail and discover how to truly measure marketing ROI.
  • Significance: Effective marketing spending relies on accurate attribution, and mastering this can significantly boost marketing efficiency.

LinkedIn Ads Strategy for the B2B CMO with AJ Wilcox 

  • Description: Navigate the intricacies of LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox, learning how to maximize your budget and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Significance: LinkedIn is a vital platform for B2B marketing, and mastering its advertising potential can yield significant returns.

Sales Strategy Sessions

Your 9 Levers To Drive Sales Productivity in 2024 with Liz Christo and AJ Bruno

  • Description: With the new year approaching, Liz Christo and AJ Bruno provide attendees with a roadmap to optimize their GTM strategies for 2024. They will unveil nine key levers and tactics aimed at driving and rewarding productive selling behaviors.
  • Significance: As the sales landscape continues to evolve, having foresight and preparing for upcoming trends can position sales teams ahead of the curve. This session offers actionable strategies for future-proofing sales operations.

Growth & Acquisition Sessions

Meetup: GURU Events Email Marketing Community with Jay Schwedelson

  • Description: Engage in a lively networking session with fellow email marketing enthusiasts. From photo booths to intriguing discussions, this meetup promises to be memorable.
  • Significance: Building connections and exchanging ideas can foster innovation and fresh approaches in the dynamic world of email marketing.

Going Global: How to Grow From $0 - 500M in Revenue with Jeetu Mahtani

  • Description: Discover the strategies for expanding your business globally, identifying new market opportunities, and diversifying revenue streams.
  • Significance: In a global economy, understanding international expansion can be the key to exponential growth.

Main Stage

Lessons on Innovation, Leadership, and Navigating Change with Reese Witherspoon

  • Description: Hollywood luminary Reese Witherspoon shares her journey from acting to establishing her own content production company, Hello Sunshine. Attendees will gain insight into Reese's unique strategies that steer innovation, foster leadership, and tackle changes head-on, especially in the constantly evolving realm of content production.
  • Growth Excitement: Leveraging Reese’s firsthand experience in scaling her brand and navigating the entertainment industry's complexities can offer invaluable lessons to the Growth team. Embracing change is a pivotal component of Growth, and learning from Reese's practical strategies could inspire new approaches.

We've only scratched the surface of what HubSpot Inbound 2023 offers. 

A scene from a drive-in movie at night in which part of the logo design for INBOUND 2023 is displayed with the words "Connect with Us at INBOUND!" in white lettering with gold stars twinkling around them. There are five cars of various colors and types parked in from of the screen as though watching the movie. The car in the center has the Growth Marketing Firm logo on the back. This image marks the conclusion of the article in which Growth invites readers to connect with us at INBOUND 2023.

But these sessions represent a curated blend of industry expertise, innovative strategies, and transformative insights that promise to change the way you view business growth.

Are you excited? We sure are! 

These sessions are just the tip of the iceberg, with a plethora of other offerings available to enhance your knowledge, skillset, and business strategies. 

But the best part? The opportunity to discuss these insights with fellow attendees. 

If you’re heading to Inbound 2023, we'd love to meet you! 

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