"Hey Siri, I'm looking for …..."  The virtual voice assistant from Apple responds, "Based on your current location, here are a few top-rated selections…."

Does Siri include your business in the response? If it doesn't, you probably haven't optimized your business for excellent visibility on Apple Maps!  While Google Maps reigns supreme for navigation use, attracting an estimated 67 percent of navigation app users, Apple Maps is competitive with 1.3 billion active Apple devices in the world. Suffice to say, Apple Maps is a viable customer acquisition tool for your business. And an effective strategy you’ll want to fit into your local search strategy.

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The Power of Local Search

Not only implementing but adding your business to Apple Maps can provide you comparative advantages. While Google isn't going anywhere, businesses now require a multi-platform digital marketing strategy to optimize their web visibility. This feature allows customers to search by the keyword on Maps and get information about businesses in their neighborhood. Hence, if your business relies on physical locations, it is important that your information on Apple Maps is optimized for local search. Note that data used for local search originates from Apple, not from Google. So making sure your Google My Business listing is optimized to its fullest potential is not enough if you want to be displayed correctly on Apple Maps.

Why Should Your Business be Listed on Apple Maps?

With millions of potential customers out there, focusing on SEO for Apple Maps is a critical business move. But how do you put your business in front of the eyes of these iOS device users? Here are some critical ways to help rank your business on Apple Maps:

  • Millions of people use Apple Maps 

The number of people who use IOS on mobile devices to search for, find and physically navigate to businesses, there is an importance of obtaining on one of the biggest mobile user bases there is: Apple users.

  • Yelp Uses Apple Maps

Yelp and Apple have a partnership where all Yelp listings show the business’s Apple Maps location. The more positive reviews you get on Yelp, the higher is your ranking on the web-based business directory. And your Apple Maps ranking rises with your growing prominence on Yelp based on favorable consumer ratings.

  • Maximize SEO Efforts

Keyword optimization enables you to target the right audience. In turn, it improves the relevance of Siri's voice search results. Yelp reviews should be your number one target for keyword optimization to enhance your business' visibility on Apple Maps and Siri. By encouraging reviewers to include long-tail keywords in their comments.

  • Provides Valuable Data

As a business owner, you want to know who your shoppers are. Luckily, the app allows business owners to not only edit and improve on their listing but also see who is interacting with their business. This includes who’s calling in, leaving reviews, and shopping. And utilizing this data for your digital marketing efforts allows your business and us to understand who your core base is.

How to Claim Your Business on Apple Maps

To claim your Apple Maps listing in these quick easy steps

  1. Go to https://mapsconnect.apple.com/
  2. Log in with your Apple id and password. (Visit this page if you don’t have an Apple ID).
  3. Select your relationship to your business. Follow the prompt to “add a new business page.” 
  4. Select “I'm the business owner'' or “I’m authorized by the business owner.”
  5. Enter your basic business details. Enter your business name, primary business phone number, hours of operation, business address, etc.
  6. Confirm your business location. There are three categories to choose from, each with several business types. If you don’t see a category that fits, you can suggest one.
  7. Add your company website and social media accounts.
  8. Review your business information. 
  9. Confirm your profile is accurate by clicking “ok” and you’re done! New listings should appear within apple’s maps app within a week. If additional verification is required, Apple will contact you.

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Grow Your Online Reputation

Just like Google My Business, there are many benefits to balancing your business presence across multiple platforms, online directories, business review sites, and maps services. Ratings and reviews are a major factor in local SEO rankings, so the way your business appears on Apple Maps can also have a major impact on your online reputation. By maintaining your digital presence, you’ll ensure you have every opportunity to engage with your prospective customers.

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